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NY Times Staffer Issues Death Threats Against Author

photo by Bloomberg


New York Times staffer rape/death-threatens author, for unveiling alleged journalistic malfeasance-

NY Times’s lawyer advises Times staffer: “Hide misdeeds from Google searches”-

Evidence strongly shows that NY Times plagiarized author’s work and conspired with Gawker to suppress author-

Gawker’s Nick Denton threatens to fire/ blacklist any journalists tasked with reporting on misconduct-

Media bullies author and colludes in cover-up

Jeffrey Henson Scales, a New York Times photographer and editor, and/or his wife Meg Henson Scales, also a former New York Times contributor, have admittedly and continuously harassed and violently threatened author Abbe Diaz for well over a year now— for unveiling an alleged New York Times impropriety involving their daughter, NY Times "essayist," Coco Henson Scales.

Despite being warned not to contact Diaz (nor any affiliates of the PX This website) in accordance with the Aggravated Harassment report filed by Diaz with the Detective Squad of the New York Police Department, persistent malicious messages by the Henson-Scaleses (which were originally posted as comments to Diaz on the PX This website under such pseudonyms as “Wanda Smith,” “til8x8x8is4,” and “Jesus Palacios”) have included such malevolent sentiments as [entirely sic]:

“if you don’t take your shit about Coco?? You WILL lose the bullsit you have… ll change your mind. Keep an eye on your front and your back: WHORE.
You disgusting piece of smegma. I’d go to the electric chair laughing, if I only got to kill you.”

“… I will tell you this, though. IF I ever find your twisted weave within reachin’ distance of me, I will likely break your neck- if you have one, you no-necked piece of filth… I hope you die soon. I’ll keep my eye you, cunt.”

“you keep that shit lies about Coco? you fucking bitch. you twat. wannaget raped?“

“Keep talking about Coco Henson Scales. You must think actions doon’t have consequences”

Married a millionaire, my ass… Turning tricks for old men… Please. Just kill yourself. Make the world a better place.”

“… This is you first and last warnings. Take down your vicious drag queen sheet about Coco and Meg (I know them both); or your shit’s bout to be fried.
You ain’t nuttin but a losin, fugly, stupid bitch, with nuttin to work with.
Why you don’t kill yourself?
Jes sayin. YOU AIN’T SHIT.
Coco and Meg may not be able to hurt you, but WE WILL. NOW.”

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“How I… Married a Millionaire” – the preview


yah so the big fashion talk in New York these days is all about how the C Wonder stores will be sprouting like mushrooms and Chris and Tory Burch are beefin with each other cuz C Wonder is all Tory Burch stuff at like one third the price.
fascinating! meeoowwr!

so i had to go and see it for myself. and wow, it’s pretty rad.
i mean, i think it’s kinda obvious by now Tory Burch is not really my stilo but i must admit at this less expensive price point it finally all makes sense to me. so personally i think C Wonder is better. and the store is really cute.


on a semi-related note, i had no idea that Tory Burch’s ex-husband Chris Burch is now dating Monika Chiang! i used to work very briefly with Monika Chiang at Lotus and we have lots of mutual friends and whatnot cuz she also used to run Double Seven.
evidently Monika Chiang is a fashion designer now too! she even has stores and stuff.

anyhow my point is: first there was Marja Allen and then there was Shala Monroque and now there is Monika Chiang. so aside from yours truly, there are currently at least three lovely ladies with whom i’m acquainted who have gone on from the F&B/Nightlife industry to land them some baller big money moguls. cha ching!


haa, now i feel like i don’t even have to bother writing the last chapter of my upcoming book, PX Me – The Sequel to PX This (How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire.
maybe just re-read PX This instead! goddamn.

ha ha ha ha ahaa and to think there was a time Moms would get all up in my face for “not using” my Economics degree and “wasting” all my time in these “stupid places.”

snap snap who’s WASTING TIME NOW, bitches?

oh right, i am.