3 thoughts on “lucky number seven”

  1. White Wind Stamp

    Communication and connectivity. Spirit. Breathing. Receive and express the energy of the Spirit and Connections. Focus on the presence of the Spirit in all your affairs. Be in tune with its natural inspiration! Let the Spirit will help you to express your innermost truth of life! Movement of the Spirit – is almighty breath of life, uniting everyone and everything.
    North – clears.

    The heart chakra. The middle finger of right hand.

    Motto: Breathing inspiration, I’m building a spiral of creation.

  2. Yellow Star have enough beauty, but I need inspiration and now I know why I love you so much. You are my Spirit!!!

    I have took over one thing from you: Ha Ha Ha. )))

    – ExHAlation.

    – The HA-Tha yoga is yoga of breathing!

    – In ancient Aramaic language spoken by Christ, the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is ‘רוח הקודש’ means breathing!

    – In the Russian language ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ are cognate words! Look: ‘дых-‘ and ‘дух’.

    Ha Ha Ha – it is your Essence! I’ve comprehended!

  3. wow Eveline! i wish i could understand more of what you are saying because it sounds so beautiful.

    i can’t wait to see your new blog, i’m sure it will be amazing.

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