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Read the book that spawned the notorious blog, restaurant industry forum, webisodes, a sequel, and haterz like you wouldn’t believe.

PX This. (Diary of the “Maître d’ to the Stars”) – The Revised Edition, is the witty, irreverent (star-studded) four-year journal of a struggling commercial-artist/fashion-designer moonlighting as a maître d’ at some of Manhattan’s most renowned restaurants. It is a lighthearted, humorous, poignant, and uniquely insightful romp through the nightly playgrounds of some of New York’s (and Hollywood’s) most glamorous and elite, as viewed from the front podium.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! It’s "the bible of the [NYC Food & Beverage fine dining] industry!"


PX This has been lauded as “the bible of the [NYC] industry,” and its best-selling author, Abbe Diaz, has been featured in various media outlets such as The New York Daily News, The New York Post, msn.com, BBC.com, The Morning Show (Australia), CBS’s The Insider, The New York Observer, Blackbook, Time Out New York, Perez Hilton, Gawker, LXTV-NBC, NBC Chicago, New York magazine, Mediabistro, hamptons.com, and foodchannel.com, just to name a few.


• “Restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten is so annoyed by the success of his former Maitre D’ Abbe Diaz’s new tell-all book, he is forcing his employees to sign confidentiality agreements. They were also banned from discussing [the book] at work.” – The New York Post

• “Per Variety, ‘Daily Show’ correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee have inked a deal with CBS to write and star in a sitcom about a celebrity chef and the two women who run his empire… [But] it turns out… Abbe Diaz has spent over a year shopping a treatment based on her own book… assuming the producers can find someone fierce enough to play the role of Diaz.” – New York Magazine

• “… [Abbe Diaz] kept a diary in which she vented all her frustration — and named names.” – msn.com

• "… the restaurant industry’s Nikki Finke… the service industry’s Norma Rae…" – BlackBook

• “That’s YOUR book? Great! It’s about time somebody wrote a book like that…” – Bobby Flay

• “I liked your book. I always knew [withheld] was like that… I’m just glad it wasn’t me!” – Drew Nieporent

• “…[My book] will be nothing like your book…” – John deLucie, Chef/Author – The Waverly Inn, The Lion / The Hunger

• Salman Rushdie is a "fan" of PX This by Abbe Diaz on Facebook®


WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about PX This – The Revised Edition:

"… one of the funniest books I have read in a very long time… really draws back the curtain on some of the hottest restaurants ever!" – D.N., New York

"… has got to be one of the best books on fashion ever written… [shows] what it takes to make it in a big city… so inspirational… gives me the strength and courage to follow my dreams…" – N.K., Detroit

"… this is one funny book… hilarious… I feel like I was there. Oh wait, maybe I was!" – B.R., New York

"… Brilliant! Bravo!" – F.M., Philadelphia

"… a truly engaging restaurant tell-all told with humor, candor, and razor-sharp wit…. what a great book…" – T.B., Fort Lee

"… loved the fascianting glimpse into the high-fashion world! … Congrats on writing a great and funny book…" – N.L., Montreal

"… f#@%king genius." – P.R., Astoria

"… Abbe is snobbish and an egomaniac. I loved every sentence." – G.S., Jersey City

"… one of the funniest and most genuinely written books ever! … love your writing style … a hell of a writer! … definitely recommending it to my readers." – thefashioninsider.co.cc, Qatar

"You’re PX This Abbe? Oh my god, it’s the bible of the industry!" – M.N., Manager (Koi, Matsuri, Morimoto)





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