NY Times Staffer Issues Death Threats Against Author

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New York Times staffer rape/death-threatens author, for unveiling alleged journalistic malfeasance-

NY Times’s lawyer advises Times staffer: “Hide misdeeds from Google searches”-

Evidence strongly shows that NY Times plagiarized author’s work and conspired with Gawker to suppress author-

Gawker’s Nick Denton threatens to fire/ blacklist any journalists tasked with reporting on misconduct-

Media bullies author and colludes in cover-up

Jeffrey Henson Scales, a New York Times photographer and editor, and/or his wife Meg Henson Scales, also a former New York Times contributor, have admittedly and continuously harassed and violently threatened author Abbe Diaz for well over a year now— for unveiling an alleged New York Times impropriety involving their daughter, NY Times "essayist," Coco Henson Scales.

Despite being warned not to contact Diaz (nor any affiliates of the PX This website) in accordance with the Aggravated Harassment report filed by Diaz with the Detective Squad of the New York Police Department, persistent malicious messages by the Henson-Scaleses (which were originally posted as comments to Diaz on the PX This website under such pseudonyms as “Wanda Smith,” “til8x8x8is4,” and “Jesus Palacios”) have included such malevolent sentiments as [entirely sic]:

“if you don’t take your shit about Coco?? You WILL lose the bullsit you have… ll change your mind. Keep an eye on your front and your back: WHORE.
You disgusting piece of smegma. I’d go to the electric chair laughing, if I only got to kill you.”

“… I will tell you this, though. IF I ever find your twisted weave within reachin’ distance of me, I will likely break your neck- if you have one, you no-necked piece of filth… I hope you die soon. I’ll keep my eye you, cunt.”

“you keep that shit lies about Coco? you fucking bitch. you twat. wannaget raped?“

“Keep talking about Coco Henson Scales. You must think actions doon’t have consequences”

Married a millionaire, my ass… Turning tricks for old men… Please. Just kill yourself. Make the world a better place.”

“… This is you first and last warnings. Take down your vicious drag queen sheet about Coco and Meg (I know them both); or your shit’s bout to be fried.
You ain’t nuttin but a losin, fugly, stupid bitch, with nuttin to work with.
Why you don’t kill yourself?
Jes sayin. YOU AIN’T SHIT.
Coco and Meg may not be able to hurt you, but WE WILL. NOW.”

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UPDATE: Ousted Unethical NYT Editor Finds Home…

** UPDATE: Ousted Unethical New York Times Editor Finds Perfect New Home at Unethical New York Magazine **


Former New York Times Styles editor, Choire Sicha, after being “mysteriously” demoted, has now abruptly departed The NY Times entirely.

Sicha’s ousting occurs amidst a swirl of “rumors” that he was complicit in the institutional oppression of Asians and women, by condoning bigotry and sexism on multiple occasions throughout the history of his editorship (at The Times and prior). Additionally and most notably, Sicha evidently colluded in the plagiarism and years-long violent harassment of Filipina-American author Abbe Diaz, whose chronicle is currently magnified under the systemic racism microscope, due to the recent spate of hate crimes perpetrated against Asian-Americans.

As of June 7 2021, New York Magazine has announced its harboring of Sicha by bestowing upon him the title of “Editor-at-Large,” which is well in keeping with NY Mag’s own established commitment to suppress WOC author Abbe Diaz, in favor of its darling powerful white men.
For example:

–  In 2008, Diaz’s reasonable and incisive rebuttal was deleted/ censored from the comment section of New York Magazine’s Grubstreet blog, despite Diaz being the main subject of a flagrantly biased article which blatantly disparaged her.

– In 2013, Diaz’s informative responses were also deleted/censored from libelous New York Magazine “reportage” that blindly reiterated a reprehensibly erroneous New York Post article regarding the businesses of Diaz’s husband. It was the second time that New York Magazine had mistakenly reported the same gross inaccuracies, completely ignoring the facts contained in official New York State and federal court transcripts.

– It’s also worth noting that Diaz’s second book, PX Me – The Sequel to PX This, contains cogent deductions that New York Magazine commissioned author Jay McInerney to pen a multi-page “damage-control” essay in favor of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, immediately following the release of PX This, Diaz’s published diary and exposé of Vongerichten’s enterprise. (Vongerichten, a white male chef, operated a very famous “clean Chinese” restaurant, which employed Diaz as its maitre d’hôtel. Diaz eventually quit due to discrimination and workplace abuse, which she chronicled as a daily journal and later published.)

McInerney’s essay, which blatantly attempted “practically line for line,” to dispel Diaz’s multiple allegations of wrongdoing perpetrated by Jean-Georges’s organization, failed to mention and/or acknowledge the existence of PX This, despite the essay’s obvious intent to mitigate Diaz’s assertions. McInerney’s reportage without proper context constitutes a glaring journalistic ethical violation. The resultant “advertorial” in favor of Jean-Georges was not disclosed nor delineated as such in any way, despite being conveniently/ contemporaneously featured on the cover of New York Magazine. The article further failed to disclose that McInerney’s live-in girlfriend at the time, publicist Jeanine Peplar, had openly admitted to having received and read PX This in consideration for her imprint, Rugged Land. [Pepler rejected the manuscript.]

Jean-Georges’s organization was later implicated in the misappropriation of workers’ tips, resulting in a class-action lawsuit and court settlement of $1.75M. Most recently, Jean-Georges publicly bragged and openly joked about having “beat[en] the shit out of” a dishwasher for taking lunch breaks.

– Diaz’s blog details other examples of journalistic misdeeds on the part of New York Magazine, including the falsification and misrepresentation of information presented in its regular and special feature stories. Diaz was also subjected, for years, to journalistic transgressions and unethical deeds of varying degrees on multiple accounts— including libel, censorship, and unwarranted denigration— by Gawker, The New York Post, Eater, etc. It’s notable that Eater’s founder was a former managing editor of Gawker, and that other former/ current New York magazine editors were also former head editors of Gawker.


“the way… women are silenced doesn’t always look like moustache-twirling villainy… it’s people who think of themselves as being reasonable and compassionate… becoming examples of moral cowardice – because that’s their cost‑benefit analysis.” – Ronan Farrow


PREVIOUSLY: The New York Times downplays anti-Asian racism, plagiarism, harassment of authoress by demoted editor, et al


PREVIOUSLY: The New York Times downplays anti-Asian racism, plagiarism, harassment of authoress by demoted editor, et al

In Memoriam: Keith A. Glascoe

Keith Glascoe in The Professional

“… Rest peacefully, my Brother, I just came back from a 3 yr long assignment in Iraq, and I dare to say that Justice has been served. Farewell, my Friend, Farewell…” – Damir [Palladium, Tunnel, Club USA]


The following is an excerpt from PX This:

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2001. 12:15PM

We got terrible news. A friend that B used to work with, “Big Keith,” is missing.

Such a nice guy, big and friendly and cute and good natured and happy. He’s a firefighter and I think nearly his entire squad is gone.

The last time I saw Big Keith was at Sugar in December, and I remember I asked him if he was still thinking about joining the fire department and he replied “I’m IN the fire department!”— so we chatted like wow how fast time flies, the last time I had seen him he was just talking about thinking about joining.

And he bought me a cup of coffee another night too and I felt weird, I wasn’t sure which was more insulting— to offer him money for it or not. I didn’t know the protocol, back at the Gatien’s nobody offered money, they just went and got it the next time.

Big Keith was in the movie The Professional and he was great in it really, even though it was a small role. He played Benny (one of the corrupt cops) and he has one awesome scene where he is standing in the hallway with his gun drawn, nervous and shaking and sweating.

Actually he is so remarkable I mentioned him in “The Ministry of Speed” too, and I guess it’s silly but I liked to imagine my film would actually get made one day and Keith could play one of the doormen and it would actually be the real him they were referring to in the dialogue. Something like that.

I remember one time Keith and I were chatting outside Naked Lunch and I was recounting to him how I’d taped The Professional on the VCR and then I realized “oh whoops you probably don’t want to hear that do you?” thinking it was bad I had videotaped it instead of paying to see it in a theatre. And eeheee he was cute he insisted “No! HBO is good, I’ll take HBO!”

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