4 thoughts on “cobra kai never dye”

  1. Oh! Abbe! Abbe! # Work In Progress.
    This is the first joke in English that I’ve understood inly. )))
    I would like to understand the emotions and feelings!

    And on the subject: never dye too ;-) want to be griZZly!

  2. hi Eveline! it’s so nice to hear from you.
    i think my emotions and feelings are that i am getting old.
    this year has been so stressful that i have so many more silver hairs now. but i like them.

    1. If you can, change the floor in your home. Do a new floor! The floor creates the mood.

      1. you are so perceptive, Eveline :)

        actually, the floors are usually covered by carpet, but they were sent out for cleaning. the carpets are very nice.

        and unfortunately, our home is a rental, so we cannot replace the floors. it would cost too much for something we don’t own, and the landlords would also give us a hard time to do any work. it was a nightmare just trying to install a dishwasher!

        but thank you for the very excellent advice :)

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