NY Times downplays anti-Asian racism…

The New York Times downplays anti-Asian racism, plagiarism, harassment of authoress by demoted editor, et al

Dated May 20 2021, an article in The Daily Beast attempts to dissect the mysterious, abrupt demotion of former New York Times Styles editor, Choire Sicha.

A spokesperson for The NY Times said in a statement: “You’ve heard a lot of false and misleading rumors,” but neglected to explicitly delineate those so-called “rumors” to The Daily Beast.

The Times also failed to disclose that those “false and misleading rumors” included the grave assertion that Sicha and several colleagues were complicit in the plagiarism and years-long violent harassment of Filipina-American author Abbe Diaz, and the institutional oppression of Asians and women, by condoning bigotry and sexism on multiple occasions throughout the history of his editorship (at The Times and prior).

The NY Times also never, ever refuted those assertions with its source, despite visiting the page on Diaz’s website which publicly and assiduously details the allegations, on numerous occasions over several years (as indicated/recorded on the abbediaz.com visitor data logs).

Instead, the venerable New York Times chose to “dispel” those egregious “rumors” and outright accusations to The Daily Beast, with a petty disjointed miasmic explanation of Sicha’s downgrade, which ultimately reads like a plot line from Mean Girls.

Also, for some reason, the formidable and hard-hitting New York Times would like to point out that it’s actually other editors at The Times who are racist; Sicha could never have contributed to bigotry/ institutional oppression, because he once signed an “irksome” group letter!

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Steven Wilson <wilson.pxthis@gmail.com>
Date: Apr 19 2021 and daily throughout the entirety of AAPI Heritage Month
Subject: NY Times editor steps down in light of plagiarism/ harassment of Asian American authoress
To: <every AAPI journalist/ advocate/ organization/ etc we can possibly find>

After many years of trying to raise awareness about the plagiarism and violent harassment of an Asian-American authoress at the hands of several New York Times staffers, Choire Sicha, the New York Times editor at the center of our conflict, has “stepped down” from his prestigious, six-figure-earning role as Styles Editor, without explanation. 

In light of the recent spate of hateful crimes perpetrated against Asian-Americans, we strongly suspect Sicha’s demotion has furtively and preemptively transpired only now, as The Times’s blatant unscrupulousness is magnified* under the systemic racism microscope. (Sicha’s editorship, at the Times and prior, has a history of condoning anti-Asian bigotry. All of it remains either poorly rectified or unacknowledged entirely.) We believe this is The Times’s latest attempt to sweep their wrongdoing under the rug.

We are seeking help in shedding light on the grave misdeeds perpetrated against Filipina-American author, Abbe Diaz, and in demanding that The New York Times finally and publicly acknowledge and apologize for these injustices. It is no longer acceptable that the entirety of the media is complicit in suppressing this reprehensible scandal. Namely:

– That Abbe Diaz worked for a highly esteemed white male chef, who operated a very famous “clean Chinese” restaurant.
– She quit due to discrimination and workplace abuse.
– She published a memoir about her experiences.
– She was subsequently subjected to unwarranted denigration/ defamation/ censorship/ libel, etc by the NYC-based media, for daring to decry a powerful white male celebrity chef.
– Her story was plagiarized by The New York Times for their own glorification and personal gain, and watered down in order to undermine her consequential message and deprive her of recognition for all her hard work and resilience.
– She was subjected to years of harassment and rape/ death threats at the hands of at least one other Times staffer at the heart of the controversy, for publicizing this malfeasance in her memoirs/ blogs.
– The New York Times eliminated the office of their public editor to evade
– Hundreds of journalists, many of whom specialize in Media reportage, have ignored the overwhelming evidence of this blatant malfeasance, duplicity, and corruption, in a shameless endeavor of self-escalation or cowering self-preservation.

We are deeply determined to expose this systemic oppression, and are resolute in our conviction that the revelation of these transgressions, committed by arguably the most powerful media institution in the world, will amplify and intensify the exposure of insidious, racist suppression, to the enlightenment and benefit of all Asian Americans.

We can no longer mutedly endure this vile iniquity. Abbe Diaz, 52, has, for decades, been figuratively and helplessly attacked and beaten down by her employers, their privileged clientele, and dozens of unethical journalists. The rest of the media merely gaped, and then walked over and shut the door.

Please help.

Detailed info is here: http://abbediaz.com/2016/01/21/ny-times-staffer-issues-death-threats-against-author/6632/

* Our upcoming project regarding this prime exemplification of systemic racism/ institutional oppression is here: http://abbediaz.com/the-documentary-film/

Thank you,
Steven Wilson
Creative Director, One Water Monkey Productions


** UPDATE: Ousted Unethical New York Times Editor Finds Perfect New Home at Unethical New York Magazine **

7 thoughts on “NY Times downplays anti-Asian racism…”

  1. this entire website is like peering into the wandering fever dreams of a psych patient. i can’t stop reading this paranoia-drenched drivel

  2. Oh “lmao,” I can’t begin to express how tired I am of sniveling cowardly racist/sexist little trolls like you. But let’s see if I can try:

    “The entire website”? That’s funny, seeing as in the 5 days you’ve visited, you’ve only looked at this one page.

    Why did you need to read it so many times?

    You also apparently found this page one time by googling “Choire Sicha,” and you pressed my author link one time.

    That’s the “entire website,” is it?

    I would be happy to prove all this to you anytime. Seeing as you live in Queens, I’m thinking it’s probably not that hard to trace you back to Sicha, the same way we did with Jeffrey Henson Scales.

    Care to try me? See, I don’t go around just deleting comments under my articles, like the cowards at New York magazine, Gawker, Engadget, NY Post, Twitter, reddit mods, eGullet, etc. I would be more than happy to engage on whatever level you choose.

    Just let me know.

    1. Also, it’s really pretty pathetic that you must honestly still believe, at this stage of the existence of the internet, that the opinion of some ridiculous imbecilic anonymous little comment troll is actually going to swing sentiment of the visitors of this site, away from the facts at hand.

      Hate to break it to you, but it’s abundantly clear that most people aren’t nearly as illiterate as you are.

      1. don’t waste your energy.

        it’s so transparent, that shit is like glass.

    2. ooo big scary man learned how to read website metrics. please track me down, that would be such a great use of your time! “person who left comment on little-known blog tracked in queens,” what an exposé!

      1. @ LOL

        It’s such a “little-known blog” that you keep coming back here to make whatever stupid point you think you’re making.

        Fuck off, Tom!

  3. Abbester! 😃 Back in the saddle! Giddy up!

    “If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by.” -Sun Tzu


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