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NY Times Staffers Admit Cyber-Harassment/ Death-Threats



New York Times Staffers Admit Cyber-Harassment / Death Threats Against Bestselling Author, for Unveiling Alleged NY Times Impropriety

New York Times contributor Meg Henson Scales— wife of NY Times photographer/editor Jeffrey Henson Scales and mother of ostensible NY Times "essayist" Coco Henson Scales— has sent multiple private messages to PX This via its Facebook page, re-confirming their ongoing cyber-harassment and violent threats against author Abbe Diaz.

There is an obvious similarity of syntax and sentiment between these and their other more blatantly harassing messages, which were originally posted as comments to the PX This website under such pseudonyms as "Wanda Smith," "til8x8x8is4," and "Jesus Palacios." Those past messages included remarks such as [entirely sic]:

“if you don’t take your shit about Coco?? You WILL lose the bullsit you have… ll change your mind. Keep an eye on your front and your back: WHORE.
You disgusting piece of smegma. I’d go to the electric chair laughing, if I only got to kill you.”

you keep that shit lies about Coco? you fucking bitch. you twat. wannaget raped?

Keep talking about Coco Henson Scales. You must think actions doon’t have consequences"

Married a millionaire, my ass... Turning tricks for old men… Please. Just kill yourself. Make the world a better place.”

Their latest missives via Facebook include:
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