5 thoughts on “black white and tan”

  1. I need you, Abbe! Always need you! You’re my Lodestar. My muse, my kindred spirit. I love you so much! Now&zen. Always.

    Suppose that everything will be fine! My elvish girl… )))

    1. Aww Eveline, I miss you too! So sorry I’ve been neglectful, so much has been going on lately, I barely have my head on straight.

      As you can see, I am changing this site for Google’s new “mobile optimization” requirement. Working on it has made me realize that I do miss the blogging a little too, but it’s a lot of work. Sigh.

      I have been working hard on making clothes too, so I will try to add those to the site. At least the weather is finally getting nicer here in New York.

      Thank you SO MUCH, Eveline. You are a the shining beacon of light I so need right now.

      :) – xo

  2. Oh! Abbe! Good morning!

    You do not have to apologize for remissness. I have to. This is my fault only. But I have justification also. Oil slump & threat of war. I had a very jittery. Sigh. )))

    I liked the old design! Large photos and white light… Mmm… Must confess I do not like iPhone at all (not enough for me) so I do not use mobile to access the intrenet – only web. I’ll miss, but get used to here. )))

    Moscow finally warm and sunny. It’s time to make new sets. You start! Please! Please! You’re the Spirit one. ;-) I follow… and I must finally take a more picture for you.

    Not “Sigh” – I love your laugh “На! Ha! Ha!” You are the Best!

    1. Oh wow Eveline, I’m so sorry about your jitters. What a crazy nonsensical world we live in.

      Thank you, I liked the old design too, minimal and the opposite of my other website. But people criticized it too, called it “blah” and said it sucks. But at least they admitted the content was good.
      It actually does look good on mobile, so now I am wondering if I should change the other one too. I wasn’t going to, but I think I can see the Google-punishment impact already.

      Yes, you have to take more photos! :)
      I wish you were doing your Russian Avant Garde blog.
      YOU’re the best!

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