5 thoughts on “PX Me – AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon”

  1. Oh, Abbe! Why are you gone? Where are you?

    Come on, turn up the sun!
    Turn it up for everyone!

    Please, please, Divinity, come on…

  2. Hi Eveline!

    Oh you are so sweet! Sorry, have been so busy lately, lots of things happening, and new projects…

    I keep meaning to do more blogging, but it’s been so hard, I never seem to have the time! And now summer is over, I never even got to blog anything for summer. I can’t believe how fast time flies!

    But I will keep trying. :)
    Funny how I left off in the Spring, and now all the Fall looks would be the same.

    But where is your blog? I was waiting to see Russian Avant Garde!

    Thank you again.

  3. Abbe! I’m happy that You Are! You are like the rush of White Wind.

    And I’m – still floating in the Perfums Ocean… :) Yes. :)
    It turned out that perfume boom is a major trend in recent years.

    I’ve started the journal – on Russian LJ. Surprisingly, it is about the Rose in perfums. Now I’m going to start work over one more – about flavors in the air of luxury spa and hotels, about hotels & spa memory scents.

    And I’m waiting for the moment for Russian Avant Garde. I work hard, do not doubt! :)

  4. You must try this modern, conceptual and art perfums:
    ROADS [White Noise] or [Supernova] or [Neon]

    And this avant garde and mega chic:
    Blood Concept [Plasma]

    They are not iconic (like White Musk), but the best.

  5. Thanks, Eveline! I will definitely look into those fragrances.

    And I would love to read your work on rose and air scents!

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