for *eveline* 2

jacket: Jean-Paul Gaultier (men’s; altered), 1988 | top: Geld Iaz, 2008 | pants: H&M (men’s), 2013 | eyewear: Gucci, 2005 | sandals: Balenciaga, 2012 | leggings: XJBoost, 2008 | clogs: Dior, 2005 | bag: Yves Saint Laurent, 2008 | wrap (in bag): Loro Piana, 2006


thank you thank you, Eveline! :)


3 thoughts on “for *eveline* 2”

  1. Yeah. I see you again!
    Hot fall trend in the authentic performance.

    1988… “we didn’t have no internet…” )))))))

  2. isn’t that funny. i actually built my first website in 1999, and still in 2000 when i told people that my “showroom” is on the internet, people looked at me like i was delusional.

    but then by 2002 people were asking “do you have a website?” as if it were mandatory.

    1. Good story. This passage sounds so vividly. True anecdote. :)

      You are wise and forward-looking girl. In 1999 I thought that interenet is a temporary phenomenon, which is about to pass. I thought it was just like a new craze.

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