the LAUNCH of PX This: The Series


PX Me – The Sequel to PX This (How I became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire)

is MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2013
 is now UNDER RENOVATION in preparation for the launch of PX This: The Series. just in case you were wondering.

yup. things are finally moving, woohooo we’re just zipping along like… molasses.




yah so i’m finally getting the hang of distributing reel footage to my actors. yay me!

wanna see a rough preview of my interminably delayed web series?





this past weekend i got to watch the filming of NBC’s Smash at Gusto Ristorante, it was a lot of fun. and kinda crazy actually, they had 65 people to do the job 4 people did on PX This: The Series, ha ha ahaa hah ugh.


top: All Saints, 2011 | sweater: All Saints, 2011


since i am such a lazy unglamorous hermit these days, i thought it might be fun to share the aesthetic with which i am currently most inundated (as is my wont, yes?). plus it’s just easier right now.

this is “Louise,” on the right. Louise is loosely based on you-know-who, and is brilliantly portrayed by Briana Packen.

Louise is wearing a matching “sweater set” from All Saints, and a pendant necklace i borrowed from my moms. Louise starts off kinda a mess in our story, but then gradually gets a lot more elegant over time, partly due to the healthy influence of her fabulous underlings, and the fact she may or may not be totally in looove.


check out more of Louise and friends in PX This: The Series – Coming Soon! :)




wanna see something cool? YES OF COURSE YOU DO :)





random stlll shots from the rough cut of the preview trailer for PX This: The Series. i’ve only watched it about 96 times.



black bag: Ann Demeulmeester, 2002 | brown bag: Souks – Marrakech, 2008


these bags toted wardrobe for several characters as well as jewelry, shoes, props, and other necessities– what a stylish TV crewman i was.

the brown bag i bought from a souk in Marrakech for about 200 US dollars. the black Ann Demeulmeester, by contrast, cost a bit more than that. i’m just sayin.



“Aside from that, this show also really reflects the exposition of my book, because it’s such a bootstrap project. I am lucky to have been able to assemble an amazingly talented cast and crew, many of whom have worked in the restaurant industry and whose lives mirror my own to a pretty substantial degree. I am humbled by their passion and dedication, working such long arduous hours, for a sum that doesn’t nearly compensate their tremendous skill and effort.

Of all the messages people have seemingly or professedly derived from PX This, the one about holding tight to your dreams (as clichéd as it is) is the one I cherish the most. So PX This: The Series is turning out to be quite the spiritual manifestation as well. And that is so infinitely satisfying.

The teaser-trailer (and more information is available at) at IndieGogo…”


thanks, BlackBook magazine!



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