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Thursday, June 14, 2012 | Provided by Astrology.com


There’s a lot of drama going on in the life of one of your coworkers, and things could get ugly, soon. You can expect some of the tensions they’re experiencing to spill over into the workplace, and they’re going to be less reliable than they usually are. Give them a few days to get refocused on what they need to do, but if their distractions don’t lessen after that, you will have to…


bee vs. diaz – part II



remember when i said i came across an old script submission for a pilot of PX This: The Series? ha ha ahaa wasn’t that hilarious. so in honor of all the crazy restauranty drama going on this week (if you have to ask, you’re better off reading PX Me: The Sequel to PX This – coming soon!) here is more of that awesome pilot submission.

mind you, this is just one person’s interpretation cobbled together from both the narratives in PX This and "The Ministry of Speed," as well as from just knowing me in person. this writer has never met the characters depicted in either of my works, nor does he have any knowledge/information about the New York Fine Dining industry other than what he has gleaned from PX This and his own wildly vivid imagination.

ha ha ha ha haah i’m just sayin.

enjoy :)


… CONTINUED FROM: PX This – Series Pilot Original, PART I


Ext. Murder Kitchen Restaurant Side Alley — Afternoon (Flashback)


It was back when I was running shit at
Murder Kitchen. I had to come in early because, as usual,
we were hiring and I was supposed to interview the new girl.


Wende parks her motorbike in a loading zone. BOBBY MUNZO, good-looking restaurant security guy, steps up.
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