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nusa dua encore

beige dress: Geld Iaz, 2004 | tan dress: Geld Iaz, 2004 | sarong: courtesy of Amandari, 2011 | eyewear: Gucci, 2004


technically the sarong should be worn around the waist with a nice shirt or jacket (for women and men), especially to visit the temples and whatnot.

so uhh yea, this is me worshipping the umm… sun.


rinse, repeat – 02

dress: DKNY, 2009 | shoes: Dsquared, 2004 | hat: Raya (Panarea), 2011 | scarf (on hat): Adrienne Vittadini, 2011


i give up. i mean, not that i’m complaining about the gorgeous weather or anything, but really– what the hell is one supposed to do when it’s 85° in October. just enjoy it and not waste it contemplating what the hells to wear, that’s what.




dress: Geld Iaz, 2008 | necklace: Geld Iaz / Joyce Leslie, 2011


here’s another one of those dresses i scavenged off the cheap rack for my own personal use. i wasn’t crazy about this one either, but funny, now that i have the necklace, i like them better now. don’t get me wrong though, they’re fine for running around town to the FedEx and the dry cleaner and the liquor store and whatnot, but i wouldn’t be caught dead in these things anyplace where i’d actually see anybody i know. i’m just sayin.


“oh, ah-beee! tres biennn!” – azzedine alaïa

dress: Geld Iaz, 2003 | boots: Fendi, 2010


yah so, if by some chance you’ve read PX This and you happen to remember— this is the very same dress that Graziano de Boni and Caroline Fabre Bazin inquired about, during Paris Fashion Week, the same one i later sent to Caroline, except in a smoky grayish blue.

yup. just thought i’d revel in that again.


drinks at The Standard.


animal planet – 03

dress: Geld Iaz, 2008 | necklace: Geld Iaz / Joyce Leslie, 2011 | eyewear: Gucci, 2004


i didn’t actually make this dress from scratch, i found it in some store someplace on Broadway on sale for like $10. and at the time i liked the fabric, so even though the dress was too large and pretty hideous, i bought it anyway just so i could reconstruct it. i’m too lazy sometimes to make new things for myself with patterns and the whole rigmarole (plus my inventory of fabric is too costly for me to spoil myself with garments i’m just going to casually wear with flats and run around in all day). i’m really not that crazy about it, but at least it’s roomy and comfortable. the necklace i found in Joyce Leslie while i was buying leggings and tank tops (that i could also reconstruct). i thought the feathers were pretty, and i noticed they were cheaper than if i’d gone to the fabric/trimming district and bought them individually, imagine that. so i just played around with the feathers and stuff until the necklace was better.


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