hoodie: Michael Kors (men’s), 2007 | skirt: Adrienne Vittadini, 2010 | wrap: Geld Iaz, 1996 | stockings: Givenchy, 2007 | shoes: Dior, 2005


time flies when you’re … running around like a headless chicken.

dinner at DBGB with friends from another continent.


cash mere | mere cash

sweater: Adrienne Vittadini, 2010 | shorts (underneath): Tankus (Seoul), 2007 | stockings: Donna Karan, 2008 | boots: Burberry Prorsum, 2011


i’m on a paper trail an’aint no telling where it took me. yeah aaaand

i aint no killa but don’t push meee


rinse, repeat – 02

dress: DKNY, 2009 | shoes: Dsquared, 2004 | hat: Raya (Panarea), 2011 | scarf (on hat): Adrienne Vittadini, 2011


i give up. i mean, not that i’m complaining about the gorgeous weather or anything, but really– what the hell is one supposed to do when it’s 85° in October. just enjoy it and not waste it contemplating what the hells to wear, that’s what.