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art works

top: Geld Iaz, 2002 | pants: Adidas, 2010 | shoes: Donna Karan, 2011 | eyewear: Chanel, 2004


aww look, it’s a Nick Walker on the side of a nightclub in the Meatpacking District. ha ha ahaa, remember awhiles back when there was all this hubbub about a Nick Walker on the the side of this restaurant in Greenwich Village? but Gawker kept calling it a Banksy, and i was the one who pointed out they’re wrong, and then Gothamist took the information out of Gawker’s comments section trying to act all smart an’shit as if they actually knew it was a Nick Walker, without crediting me as the source who initially pointed out it’s really not a Banksy? and how the whole hubbub actually started in the first place because Eater was so fucking stupid?

ahh, good times good times.

drinks at Dream Hotel Downtown. dinner at Marble Lane.


kawasaki 4eva

top: Geld Iaz, 2006 | shorts (underneath): Forever 21, 2011 | flipflops: Adidas, 2003 | baseball cap: Kawasaki, 2002 | eyewear: Gucci, 2004


okay fine, since this is not the first time i’ve gotten questions like this: "abbe… do you ever wear sensible shoes? do you even own a pair of flip-flops…? do you get this hotted-up when you’re just running out to the bodega?"

well the answers to your questions are: yes, yes i do.

so nyeah :P


urchin chic – 02

jacket: Geld Iaz, 1995 | top: Geld Iaz, 2008 | pants: Adidas, 2010 | boots: Fendi, 2010 | bag: GF Gianfranco Ferre, 2009


sigh, nothing but gloom four days in a row.

drinks with Julija Stoliarova, accessories designer for Luba J, at The Standard Hotel.



dress: Geld Iaz, 1998 | boots: All Saints, 2009 | pants (underneath): Adidas, 2010 | travel bag: Louis Vuitton, 2006


okay i don’t know if you’ve noticed it by now, but i have a bit of a travel routine. i always fly out of NY in the black mesh dress, and i always fly back into NY in the flesh mesh dress (mess). i don’t know why, i just do.

as much as i really enjoy visiting Miami, it is pretty nice to click your heels… there’s no place like home… there’s no place like home.


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