silver lining

top: Geld Iaz, 2009 | shorts: John Varvatos (men’s – altered), 2009 | shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | eyewear: Gucci, 2004 | bag: Lancel, 2007


okay, i don’t know how he does it, but i can tell you for an absolute fact: Mike Tunk shares his clients with the hottest restaurants and nightclubs in NYC. it must be all by word of mouth or something, because Mike Tunk has even pleaded with me not to send him "any more people," because ha ha ahaa he can barely deal with all the spoiled demanding divas he already has. his little store yesterday was like a scene out of Cipriani, i am not even kidding. oh good, i just tried googling him and he’s totally unfindable. sorry!

in any case, even though losing my Blackberry was a bummer, i actually really like my new Bold 987whatever, yay! feel free to send me your communication information if you think you might not mind maybe hearing from me someday. i never backed up my contacts list, and i only write down really important hard-to-get phone numbers like Maxwell and Brian Grazer and Brian McNally in Ho Chi Minh.

so, yah.


the rain, a pain, it fills me with disdain.

top: Geld Iaz, 2001 | leggings: Joyce Leslie, 2004 | shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | eyewear: Gucci, 2005 | hat: Milsa, 2010


it was not supposed to rain today (for a change), the forecast said partly cloudy skies and a high of 74 degrees. stupid fucking rain.

lunch at Maialino.


golden hour

top: Geld Iaz, 2008 | cover-up: Adrienne Vittadini, 2009 | pants: Tankus, 2007 | shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | bag: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2009 | hat: All Saints, 2010


beautiful day. very late lunch / early drinks at Cercle Rouge.


bath mat

top: Geld Iaz, 2009 | vest: Ito, 2010 | leggings: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2009 | shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | bag: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2010


the forecast said 71˚ today but it actually hit 74˚! yay, you know what that means— Aperol Spritzers at my faaavorite outdoor cafe in all of NYC, Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano on Greenwich Ave.

it’s so hot i’m actually sweating a bit in this little bath mat i’m wearing.


spin. tumble.

shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | (ripped) t-shirt: A/X Armani Exchange, 2008 | leggings: Joyce Leslie, 2003


even though the temperature supposedly hit 55˚ this day, i got trapped inside because i had to stay fairly close to the Skype all afternoon. sigh.

yes i wore these beauuutiful Zanottis just to do the laundry— like a good little style blogger. bitches.