for *eveline*

raincoat: Yves Saint Laurent, 2011 | boots: Gianni Bravo, 2006 | top: Bellwood (men’s), 2013 | pants: Adidas, 2012 | blazer (underneath): Uniqlo, 2012


“P.S. Do you mind if I ask: are you wearing perfume? Can not imagine what it might be for you. For my part I’m in love with Gucci Flora Magnolia now.”


right now i like White Musk by the Body Shop, it’s fresh and clean and just a bit masculine. i really prefer their White Lilies which was a bit more floral but apparently it’s discontinued.
before then i liked Jo Malone’s Gardenia but then my mother fell in love with it, so i gave mine to her and decided it’s probably more romantic for my husband if i don’t smell like my mother ha haa.
before that i liked Issey Miyake which is not that different than the White Musk i have now, it smells like the fragrance in the air at a very expensive spa or something.
but my all time favorite is the classic Chanel No 5, which i had to give up because it seemed like everybody around me was wearing it. but that was about twenty years ago, so come to think of it, maybe it’s time for a re-visit.
i don’t know Gucci’s Flora Magnolia, but now i’m dying to try it.


thank you so much for all your kind words, Eveline :)


12 thoughts on “for *eveline*”

  1. #*____*#
    Sweet Jesus… Abbe Diaz call my name!
    How’d you think I feel when you call my name…(c)
    I ascended to heaven during the lifetime.)))))

    But I knew that you would do just that. You are genuine Scorpio. Now I know.)))))

  2. I’ll put this picture on the wall. You are beautiful! More than somewhat!
    Scary to think how fortunate your husband. But I get my too. )))

    White cardigan on her naked body. Exactly! I have white ruffled cotton cardigan. I do not wear it. I will do so – it looks exactly on the naked body! This is the solution.

    And the white raincoat. White – this is the last thing that comes to mind when you choose a raincoat. And it is a rare stuff I should say and can not be bought anywhere other than YSL certainly.

    Adidas pants – it’s more than Adidas pants. I do not know, I should think again – but – Adidas Pants is a great symbol. But what manner of? Hmm… I have no Adidas pants still. It is time to acquire already.))) Decent people do not understand me otherwise.)))

    Ring on her finger. What’s it?

  3. I hesitate, when to go to The Body Shop – now or tomorrow? )))
    – You want a piece of me?(c)
    – White Musk.
    Yeeeeeees, white musk, it’s like this white light on the site, on all your photo – white light from the window.

    I’m waiting for a parcel from Ebay with the White Musk by Jovan. I have not tried, bought by reviews. A long time I pondered what redolence should I wear to get closer to my nonpareil Abbe Diaz? I’m guessing! Guessing! Guessing! White Musk! AAAAA+++++

  4. Well, I do not know about a very expensive spa, but in an expensive spa can be found Molton Brown brand’s arsenal.)))
    Molton Brown is Anita Roddick’s brand just like The Body Shop, merely premium market segment. I guess they are made from the same ingredients, and your associative line arose for this reason.

    By the way Gucci Flora Magnolia produced by Procter&Gamble and it is very similar to Naomi Campbell by Naomi Campbell perfume which P&G released earlier.

    If you chose Jo Malone’s Gardenia earlier possibly you prefer Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia now. We will as sisters-in-gucciflora…)))))

    Chanel No 5 contains aldehydes, they are disclosed in a humid climate, we’ve got dry here, can not understand it. Do you think is worth to go back in time? I wonder whether there is anything to replace Chanel No 5 in our time? You should know – you’re new Chanel.))) Love you.

  5. hi Eveline!

    wow you are so knowledgeable about fragrances! you remind me of that book “Perfume,” which a few people recommended to me over the years but i never read because i saw the movie, which was a bit scary. everybody says the book is much better though.

    i stopped into Bloomingdales yesterday but they didn’t have Gucci for me to smell, so that was a disappointment.

    “it’s like this white light on the site, on all your photo – white light from the window.”

    oh that reminds me! i have something new for you…

    1. Yeah, I heard about the book “Perfume” and saw the movie fragments. Some terrible story like, do not want see that…

      As a perfume collector I have only a small collection of Serge Lutens. He was previously the creative director of Shiseido, and then created his own brand.
      It amazes me that when I listen to it fragrances, I see exactly the picture that in their promos. Fragrances are good, but I think, the connection with the perfume name and promo picture is more interesting. Maestro playing with us.

  6. I hope ALL that parfum helps to cut that nasty stank emanating from your STD ass. You are the WORST. Bitch. Ever.

  7. Ha! Ha! Ha! “People can forgive you the talent and even mind, but not beauty,” – says Monika Bellucci about fucked people like Til8x8x8x8is4 – fuck OFF dirty slag.

  8. But every fucked Til8x8x8x8is4 have personal Anders Breivik tired of fucked people. Did you know? And then there is the Lord God – he had long suffered, but punishes better.

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