sweater coat: Nicole Farhi, 2004 | boots: Ferrari for Puma, 2013 | eyewear: Tom Ford, 2013 | belt: Geld Iaz, 1998


6 Responses to “well rounded”

  1. Eveline says:

    Oh, yeeeees! Bravo, Abbe!

    The most infamous sweatercoats place – it’s belts. Soft, shapeless, long – disgusts. Soft knitted sewn belt increases the waist, you feel like a keg.

    I have three sweatercoats and wear them all rarely for this reason.

    Geld Iaz Belt – that’s the Thing! To buy this type belt somewhere – need to looking for veeeeery good!

    Knelt before the woman who finally freed humanity from nasty soft sweatercoat belt! )))))

  2. Eveline says:

    And what great boots!

    If the coat reminds a cozy house robe, then boots resemble thick house socks. Completed look! Chic, cozy, lounge, but at the same time sporty! Cool!

    • abbe says:

      i love those boots so much but the white is so hard to care for. i find myself walking ready to punch anybody who steps too close to my beautiful white boots.

      actually i just ordered a custom pair of xx-high Converse boots in white with just a bit of black, they take almost three weeks to make. just because i was wishing that i had two pairs of these boots. i can’t wait to see them, i hope they come out as nice as they looked online.

  3. Eveline says:

    I use the Saphir® shoe care. Very respected brand, I guess you know. Gucci, Prada etc. add in the box with the shoes. For white leather boots try Saphir® Renovating Cream.

    Your Puma Boots is like a thick house socks, and new XX-High Converse will be like a half-hose!
    And half-hose is a very strange effect on men, it cause a desire to pull off female underwear. Yes, this effect is, existential experience showed.)))))

    Let your new Converse arriving soon! I’m thinking to order online also…

    • abbe says:

      thanks for the tip, Eveline! no, i never heard of Saphir but now i am going to try and order it online… :)

      when my Converse arrive, if they are as beautiful as i hope, i think i will order at least one more. i have to warn you the custom design part of the site is addictive!

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