“like white light”

jacket: Alessandro dell’Acqua, 2005 | boots: Ugg, 2013 | eyewear: See, 2012 | pants: New Era, 2012


“it’s like this white light on the site, on all your photo – white light from the window.”


thank you thank you, Eveline! :)


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  1. WOW! Powerful as the energy of an atomic explosion!

    You – genius, I never tire of repeating. What an associative line you have built! White light – the black leather bomber! )))

    Black leather jacket is convenient, practical, comfortable but not the main thing. Black leather is not really black, it is soft gloss and reflects light. It shines with reflected light. Even if you do not look the best way today, in a black leather jacket you instantly transformed. You are in a halo of soft white glow, muted white light and look irresistible!

    Subconsciously white light is associated with the high energy and power of the Universe. Physically it has the visual effect of a thermonuclear reaction that takes place inside the stars and the Sun. It is the light of the stars and the reflected light of the moon. A man in a leather jacket stands out from the crowd, he/she is over-the-world because “emanating” this light.

    I have a fancy for leather jackets. But one this Alessandro dell’Acqua’s is worth all my ten.))) This jacket Luxury. It has no flaws inherent in many leather jackets. Leather jackets fit bad at the waist, this problem is solved here by knitted detail. Waist not just saved, it’s underlined. Even when you’re in a leather jacket, it is usually desirable roll up your sleeves (so I love soft lamb leather jackets, but roll-up sleeves does not look very neat). This jacket sleeves simply cut and replaced with knitted armlets. That is the real Design!

    Abbe has impeccable taste, so she can appreciate such items.

    1. “Subconsciously white light is associated with the high energy and power of the Universe.”

      ooh that sounds wonderful. i have a good friend who tells me to meditate on the “healing power” of white light. i try, but it’s hard sometimes…

      1. ‘gotta love technology(c)
        from http://abbediaz.com/2011/09/16/art-works-04/2112/ )))))

        Have you ever been here?

        I was present at ‘SENSATION 2012’ in St. Petersburg. 25000 people in white!

        I knew nothing about this festival before. I was invited by friends. We also dressed all in white. All in different styles. I thought it would be kind of a beer party in the park аnd I wore hogh white Keds, white ripped skinny, white v-neck tee. My girlfriend was in Galliano white leather jacket. Ha ha – we all was like idiots! Incidentally, because of this we left early.

        But I saw a perfect girl there, a real queen of all this holiday. And now I know that must be worn, that was good. It must be White Knee Length Spagetti Strap Dress (Geld Iaz type dress) with Strappy Sandals. In this easy to dance, not hot.

        The most important thing! After this festival miracles happen with the participants! And we has been experiencing too! Because there was an association of energy, Lilly wrote about:
        John C.Lilly. The center of the cyclone: An autobiography of inner space.

        It is impossible to describe in words, it’s a miracle!

        Just better to go there one by one, without a husband or wife. There is such opinion.

  2. In fact, the first thing that struck me was New Era pants. Is it fleece or not?

    I had sand cropped chinos, lined and with insulation(!) – not sintepon, as usual, some mesh touch. So it was not puffy at all! But it was warm enough and useable in cold weather with short jackets! (Do not remember the brand, chinos became small to me and were donated. I’ll try to return to be able to rip and copy.)
    I saw that pants was good, but did not know how to wear them and where. It has been gathered below whith half-belt and croppeded, I guess now, to wear it with boots. You – genius.)))

    When your Brand Geld Iaz gain momentum – believe, this kind of chinos can be add into this look as an option of northern latitudes.)))))

    I will copy this look. But I’m going to wear color fleece pants with a leather jacket – to not stand out in the Moscow crowd.

  3. The UGG Boots.
    I looked at similar. But decided to buy the other model. Oooooops!

    I wear Juicy ‘Dori’ shearling sneakers and Margiela shearling keds in winter. But they are short! Too short! And somewhere deep in my mind I feel border aesthetic displeasure… Well, now it’s clear to me. I need high shearling keds-boots! Well well well.

    And one more detail about faultlessness: pin up hair when wearing black leather jacket. Again due to light reflection. Abbe is flawle$$.

  4. oh wow that Sensation event looks amazing. i never even heard of it. because i am getting old :(

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