jacket: Rick Owens, 2012 | bag: Henri Bendel, 2013 | eyewear: See, 2014 | shoes: DKNY, 2005 | leggings: Adrienne Vittadini, 2009 | teeshirt: H&M, 2013


5 thoughts on “mesh”

  1. I must say, Abbe’s selection of handbags deserves special attention. Bag is the main accessory and choosing bags is the theme for doctoral dissertation at least! And Abbe is Academician of the matter. I know whereof I speak, because I saw thousands bags.)))

    If an ordinary woman had infinite amount of money and could choose, choose, choose, buy and throw away handbags, the result would have been a collection like Abbe’s. Yes.

    With one amendment. Abbe’s collection is the Scorpio handbags collection. Here we have a manifestation of pure Astrostyle top form!

    This Henri Bendel Tote is purebred Scorpio. Animal print, smallest detailing – 100% Scorpio.

  2. Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, All Saints – the holy trinity of Fashion,
    the New Gothic style. I think we do live in an era of new Gothic now. This is because of the revolution in architecture and skyscrapers appearance. So New York is the most New Gothic City. That is the spirit of the age! Those designers who have realized the spirit and opened books on costume history – they are on top now.

    But one should not to turn into gothic lolita or knight.))) Bring to mind – this a Contemporary spirit!

    Look at Abbe!
    – Rick Owen has to send her his coats free.)))
    The neo-Gothic clothes needs a very modern additions, not even skinny. And here I go to these amazing Adrienne Vittadini leggings. Amazing thick knitted leggings! I want similar visible weaving leggings! Usual thin leggings create a sense of unprotected half-naked bottom.

    Meow! meow! So relaxed look.

    1. oh boy Eveline, i think you need your own fashion blog! you have so many interesting things to say about it :)

      1. O-ooonly you
        can make all this world seem bright

        Only you
        can make the darkness bright

        Only you and you
        alone can thrill me like you do

        And fill my heart with love for
        ONLY you

        )))))))))))))…and your blog!

  3. Particularly impressive the coincidence of tee length and jacket length! The detail makes this casual look in “haute couture”.

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