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  1. “Chanel revolutionized fashion — high fashion and everyday fashion — by replacing structured-silhouettes, based upon the corset and the bodice, with garments that were functional and at the same time flattering to the woman’s figure.”(c)
    At the time, she could not have done more for women! She created the iconic tweed jacket – now she would wear fleece jacket and t-shirts, I’m sure.

    Elegance – this is not some specific things. Elegance is “civilized beauty”. Time passes and civilization develops. Now Abbe Diaz revolutionized fashion. The corset and the bodice sunk into oblivion. But there are still uncomfortable bras. (Now becoming popular different models of wireless bra… but… not quite.)

    Then I would have written about the feeling of the body as the basis of any style. But I have not yet fully conceptualized the idea.

    Geld Iaz Gown is the iconic item of New Age like Chanel tweed jacket in former times!

    1. wow Eveline, i really am pretty amazed that you don’t have your own fashion blog, you would be so good at it.

      they NEED you over on Tumblr! nothing but idiots and haters with awful taste there :)

  2. Neo-Gothic coat, triangle top gown, sneakers – is all that is really needed now. Well, of course, sunglasses and luxe handbag.

    This is – The Reality Itself and therefore it is so chic! This is the best apparel that created by civilization. Abbe Diaz is genius. My beautiful peri.)))

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