y-not ?

jacket: Y-3 (men’s; altered), 2013 | top (underneath): Geld Iaz, 2008 | sandals: SLVR, 2012


9 thoughts on “y-not ?”

  1. You have the talent of play upon words! Y-not… Goodly!

    Y3our most superb costume. Such a sense of superiority is perceptible behind it.

    Yesterday I thought a lot about this suit. And my mind made an extensive flight – not only in the depth of the costume history, but also aroud gender philosophy.
    The BUCK suit with all the connotations! Vanguard in all senses!

  2. And the drawing in the background?

    Pencil drawing or coal?
    Is this an allusion to those miners, Yamamoto’s Pierian spring?

    Well, I immediately understood that you are a genius, but not that muuuuuuuch. )))))))))))

    1. oh Eveline, i am an artist but that one is not mine. that is Balthus, my husband is a fan. i never asked but i am pretty sure that is just a print though, but it has a signature by the artist. i think the original full drawing was more graphic, a little girl lifting her dress. i don’t know much about Balthus, but i think he did many of these, borderline pedophilia :P

  3. Do not write the sandals brand… I have not learned that is it.

    Yamamoto wear Dr. Martens. These sandals remind Martens’ Clarissa Sandals. What a refinement in a the little things!

    1. i didn’t know that Yamamoto wears Dr Martens! how funny, i love Yamamoto but was never a big fan of Dr Martens. maybe because when i was a teenager, too many girls at the mall were wearing them.

      i actually thought these sandals were Y-3 but then i checked again. nope, by the other Adidas brand. like Y-3 Lite. i also like SLVR a lot, but their store in SoHo just closed, so i don’t know if that means the brand is finished too.

  4. I propose such slogans for the fashion revolution:

    Sleeves – not for artists!

    And good whammy protection.)))

    1. you are so funny. i really do wish now that you had a fashion blog, i think i would enjoy it.

      1. For you?

        “Reading books means take on debt, writing books means repay.” – one of my favorite quotes. To view Blog means take on debt, to do Blog means repay.)))

        I guess I have to do a blog for you.

        I told my husband that I need to make a blog for my resplendent Abbe, and I have so many ideas, but I do not know what to choose. He immediately said – Russian Avant-Garde. At that moment I felt as if a thunderbolt.

        Russian Avant-garde

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