jacket: Y-3 (men’s; altered), 2013 | top (underneath): Geld Iaz, 2008 | sandals: SLVR, 2012


9 Responses to “y-not ?”

  1. Eveline says:

    You have the talent of play upon words! Y-not… Goodly!

    Y3our most superb costume. Such a sense of superiority is perceptible behind it.

    Yesterday I thought a lot about this suit. And my mind made an extensive flight – not only in the depth of the costume history, but also aroud gender philosophy.
    The BUCK suit with all the connotations! Vanguard in all senses!

  2. Eveline says:

    And the drawing in the background?

    Pencil drawing or coal?
    Is this an allusion to those miners, Yamamoto’s Pierian spring?

    Well, I immediately understood that you are a genius, but not that muuuuuuuch. )))))))))))

    • abbe says:

      oh Eveline, i am an artist but that one is not mine. that is Balthus, my husband is a fan. i never asked but i am pretty sure that is just a print though, but it has a signature by the artist. i think the original full drawing was more graphic, a little girl lifting her dress. i don’t know much about Balthus, but i think he did many of these, borderline pedophilia :P

  3. Eveline says:

    Do not write the sandals brand… I have not learned that is it.

    Yamamoto wear Dr. Martens. These sandals remind Martens’ Clarissa Sandals. What a refinement in a the little things!

    • abbe says:

      i didn’t know that Yamamoto wears Dr Martens! how funny, i love Yamamoto but was never a big fan of Dr Martens. maybe because when i was a teenager, too many girls at the mall were wearing them.

      i actually thought these sandals were Y-3 but then i checked again. nope, by the other Adidas brand. like Y-3 Lite. i also like SLVR a lot, but their store in SoHo just closed, so i don’t know if that means the brand is finished too.

  4. Eveline says:

    I propose such slogans for the fashion revolution:

    Sleeves – not for artists!

    And good whammy protection.)))

    • abbe says:

      you are so funny. i really do wish now that you had a fashion blog, i think i would enjoy it.

      • Eveline says:

        For you?

        “Reading books means take on debt, writing books means repay.” – one of my favorite quotes. To view Blog means take on debt, to do Blog means repay.)))

        I guess I have to do a blog for you.

        I told my husband that I need to make a blog for my resplendent Abbe, and I have so many ideas, but I do not know what to choose. He immediately said – Russian Avant-Garde. At that moment I felt as if a thunderbolt.

        Russian Avant-garde

  5. abbe says:

    YES Eveline, that would be so great! :) Can’t wait to see it!

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