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px me – coming soon


i really would love to share more pictures from the shoot on Friday– which went really really great, by the way, thanks for asking :P

but obviously i don’t want give away too much and ruin it. you’ll get it, eventually. soon. ish.

sorry, everything that’s happening is still a wee bit of a ways off from coming all together, and of course i would love for you to get all psyched for the release of PX Me – The Sequel to PX This, but then again i wouldn’t want you to hold your breath or anything cuz that might not be so great for your lungs :(

anyway, Friday was sooo much fun. everybody was so cool and talented and professional and i realized i got very very very lucky finding people like this :)


px me.


well i don’t know about you, but i stayed in the three days during the monsoons. i had to finish the book cover for PX Me anyways, we’ll need it for the shoot on Friday. so i figured rather than regale you with the old coffee-stained teeshirt i rocked all weekend, i’d show you the book cover instead.

granted, i know it’s very early cuz there’s still about seven months to go til its release– but if the last eight month whirlwind is any indication, i just know the next few ones are gonna zip by too. it’s crazy.

anyway, just wanted to say thank you again so much for all your patience, encouragement, and support. i know you’re probably getting tired of my outfits by now and PX This has been kinda languishing in its sorta semi-hiatus, but once PX Me is finally out, rest assured we’ll get right back into all that. better than ever. yay!

thanks again, xoxo :)


“u are the baddest chick in NY…” :)


okay so apparently, with all the renewed attention being paid to PX This – The Revised Edition— what with The Daily News, and hamptons.com, and Perez Hilton, and dlisted, and foodchannel.com, and Australia’s The Morning Show, and the upcoming appearance on CBS’s The Insider and whatnot—- it seems some people have come to realize The Revised Edition (unlike the original version of the book), aside from its snazzy new cover and funky slick square shape, actually has photographs inside as well.

and true, the two separate books pretty much do cost the same, so i guess that’s not a very good excuse for depriving the early purchaser’s of the original version (thank you!) of the lovely visual eye-candy afforded within The Revised Edition only. fair enough!

so yah. here’s all the photos contained in PX This -The Revised Edition. Thank you for your interest.



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