px me.


well i don’t know about you, but i stayed in the three days during the monsoons. i had to finish the book cover for PX Me anyways, we’ll need it for the shoot on Friday. so i figured rather than regale you with the old coffee-stained teeshirt i rocked all weekend, i’d show you the book cover instead.

granted, i know it’s very early cuz there’s still about seven months to go til its release– but if the last eight month whirlwind is any indication, i just know the next few ones are gonna zip by too. it’s crazy.

anyway, just wanted to say thank you again so much for all your patience, encouragement, and support. i know you’re probably getting tired of my outfits by now and PX This has been kinda languishing in its sorta semi-hiatus, but once PX Me is finally out, rest assured we’ll get right back into all that. better than ever. yay!

thanks again, xoxo :)


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