losses in acquisitions

jacket: Valentino, 2011


♪♪ "… it’s the most wonnnderful tiiime of the yeeear…" ♪♪

sale time!

now, depending on how closely you’ve ben paying attention all these years (and umm, yah sorry– but you would’ve had to have been paying very very close attention) you might understand that i have not been a fan of Valentino since the ouster of Valentino Garavani and the departure of Graziano de Boni, and i mean reeeally NOT. A. FAN.

but this? it’s a BASQUIAT. on a JACKET. covered in PAILLETTES. it’s like it was made for me. (not to mention the métier. beautiful.) i just couldn’t resist.

but! i do take a lot of consolation in knowing i paid nowhere near its retail price, i’d actually wager there’s no way in hell it garnered any profit whatsoever.



One thought on “losses in acquisitions”

  1. Omg, nice score! I remember that collection and it’s from before he was fired. It’s a real Valentino. So jealous! Valentino sucks now and it’s been horrible since he left.

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