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the rain, a pain, it fills me with disdain.

top: Geld Iaz, 2001 | leggings: Joyce Leslie, 2004 | shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, 2007 | eyewear: Gucci, 2005 | hat: Milsa, 2010


it was not supposed to rain today (for a change), the forecast said partly cloudy skies and a high of 74 degrees. stupid fucking rain.

lunch at Maialino.


avenue of the americas

dress: DKNY, 2010 | hat: Brixton, 2009 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2010 | bag: Balenciaga, 2005


now you know i don’t normally wear other designers’ dresses, but this one was just so simple and ‘easy,’ i couldn’t resist (plus it was on sale at Bloomingdale’s for a ridiculously low price). i like it, it has a really extra wide skirt— and side seam interior pockets.

dinner at Kittichai.


grey + gardens

jacket: Rick Owens Lilies, 2009 | pants: Geld Iaz, 2002 | t-shirt: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2010 | bag: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | eyewear: vendor, 2004 | hat: Milsa, 2010


dinner at Kittichai to pre-sample their new Spring "Happy Hour" dinner special (50% off all bottles of wine – officially starting May 2nd). yea, life is rough.


april showers… f#@k off already.

jacket: Alessandro dell’Acqua, 2004 | pants: Stella McCartney for Adidas, 2010 | boots: Fendi, 2010 | rain/sun hat: Tilley, 2011 | bag: Luba J, 2005


i must say there are two things i’m starting to get really really really sick of. rain, and the color black.

o wait sorry, that’s way too shallow and fashiony sounding. what i really should say is: there are two things i’m starting to get really really really sick of: Climate Change, and the bleak and grim pervasive despondency persistently manifested in my quotidien sartorial selections.

[ ha ha ha ahaa uggh i’m a style blogger shoot me now ]


buck up, buttercup. 02

hat: Stetson, 2010 | sweater: Quill’s Woollen Market Ireland Hand Knit, 1999 | leggings: Adidas, 2010 | boots: Michael Kors, 2009


i mean, rilly? strappy sandals one day, shearling boots the next? geee we should just do this back and forth every other day until fucking July. yea, that’ll be fun.


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