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art works – 08

Neomi | 2007 | 10″ x 8′ | oil pastel and acrylic paint on Jo Malone packaging


i sold this one to a fellow artist, those are the ones that make me the happiest. he said he had to have it cuz his girlfriend’s body “is exactly like that” and on top of that she’s a huuuge fan of Jo Malone’s Gardenia. then later he came back and invited me to his paintings exhibit in SoHo, and i actually got to meet his girlfriend, she was very sweet. his artwork was neat, it was all big gigantic “paintings” that were actually not paintings at all, but massive sheets of some kind of metal that had undergone some sort of manipulated oxidation / rusting technique. they were beautiful. and super expensive. ugh, i can’t remember his name.


art works – 07

Rachel | 2006 | oil pastel and acrylic paint on The Wall Street Journal


i sold this one (and another just like it) to a gallerist from Paris. i wonder if she kept them or sold them for like a profit or something.

she was nice. she told me i should give up fashion and concentrate on fine art. ha ha ha ahaa can you imagine. oh well, i used to think the creative field was particularly heinous, but at this point i don’t think there’s a single occupation in the world that isn’t tainted by some kind of crazy politics or exploitation. so now i don’t feel that regretful anymore about not having gone to med school.


art works – 05

Alex | commission; 2007 | each 18" x 24" | oil pastel and acrylic paint


this one is dedicated to my fan "Moira6," who apparently thinks i harbor some kind of anorexia fetish and help perpetuate unrealistic body image aspirations to the world’s impressionable youth, by glorifying compliant "malnourished" and "emaciated" brainwashed physiques.

Alex is probably my most favorite art job ever, she’s so sweet. she’d purchased three drawings of mine (and a dress) before finally commissioning a piece of her own— something she’d "always dreamed of doing." she’s also 5’2" and a perfectly healthy 114 pounds, by the way.

but who cares. go on and have that fifth donut you’re craving, Moira6, while you’re waiting for the elevator to ferry you down two whole flights of stairs. enjoy! no judgment here.

we are all God’s children and therefore perfect, bitches.


art works – 04

Nadja | commision; 2006 | on the Wall Street Journal | oil pastel and acrylic paint


yes, i do commissions. this is one of the first ones i ever got, the Arabic says "live to love, love to live" apparently. normally the way it works is that i take several photographs first, and then we choose which image will make the best picture; this way nobody has to stand like a statue for hours on end getting all cold and uncomfortable and shivery like the models used to in the nude art drawing classes i took back in college. ‘gotta love technology.

so yah. that’s the way it works if you want one for yourself.



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