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if six was nine

hoodie: L.G.B / If Six Was Nine, 2005 | top (underneath): Geld Iaz, 2008 | pants: L.G.B / If Six Was Nine, 2005 | shoes: Y3, 2010


when you need to get things back on track, i guess you need a track suit.


8 6 9 5

jacket: Rick Owens, 2009 | pants: Adidas SLVR, 2011 | t-shirt: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2009 | boots: Donna Karan, 1996


so, have you yet to see the video Gawker Media’s "Nick Denton himself" doesn’t want you to see? seriously though, i know my PX books are written mostly in a comedic vein – but if the media can so strenuously fuck with a piddling little nobody like me, just IMAGINE the global implications of such a thing.


be like water – 06

jacket: B Burton, 2011 | pants: Stella McCartney for Adidas, 2010 | rain boots: Jeffrey Campbell, 2011 | sweater: Initial (Hong Kong), 2009 | laptop case: Brenthaven, 2004


meeting at Centro Vinoteca, and everything’s all right again. i hope.


attention kmart shoppers

vest: Adidas SLVR, 2011 | pants: ? (Kmart), 2008 | boots: Sportmax Max Mara, 2010 | hoodie sweater: Michael Kors (men’s), 2006 | eyewear: Gucci, 2004


maybe you’re not aware, but the best place to get Hanes teeshirts is Kmart. so one day while i was on my way to the men’s underwear section i spotted these pants in the children’s department. they’re reversible even, the other side is red with black stripes. i think i paid around $12 for them.

i get complimented on them all the time. i finally got tired of explaining to people that they’re from Kmart kids, so now i just lie and say they’re Gaultier. and then people really love them.



hoodie: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2009 | skirt: street vendor, 2009 | boots: Alexander McQueen, 2007


obviously i stole this look from my Balinese friends. now i finally know what to do with all those "pashminas" i’ve acquired over the years during those occasional hysterical fits of fabric amassing.


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