jacket: Uniqlo (men’s), 2013 | pants: Armani Exchange, 2014 | boots: All Saints, 2010 | eyewear: Yves Saint Laurent, 2008 | bag: Fendi, 2008 | basket: from Amandari, Bali, 2011


2 thoughts on “light”

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses…
    Oh! YSL 2117/S glasses in this color! This is my favorite points from you, Abbe! (I replaces them via Balenciaga sunglasses.)

    It is instead smokey eye makeup. Eye makeup during the day – oh, no. Use these translucent smoky sunglasses. Long time ago it was a veil, then smoky eye makeup, and now these glasses.

    I’m ready to collect this type of sunglasses. So much it transform a woman.

    1. YES! these were my most favorite sunglasses for a very long time, still one of my favorites. i love that the lenses are so light you can still wear them all through dusk or on cloudy days.

      thank goodness for glasses, otherwise maybe some days i would never leave the house. too lazy for eye makeup, too grumpy to face the world…

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