Instagram vs. EyeEm



so i guess a few people really like that Instagram idea. yay i’m so glad, good for you! :)

but before we start having any of those pesky Lookbooky type problems, i think maybe i should elaborate just a wee bit right now.
personally, i actually like EyeEm much much better, it’s far more artistic and infinitely more creative. subsequently, the users are substantially more discerning, empathic, and appreciative than Instagram. true, it may not have the mass social-media appeal and immense membership of “IG,” but the lack of quantitative traffic at EyeEm is surely and profoundly compensated in quality.

Instagram is kinda the opposite. don’t get me wrong– if, like most Instagram fashionistas, you merely mean to “curate” or “aggregate” other people’s (often copyrighted) images, then this is the place for you. the gaming of “followback” and “S4S” is as rampant as it is acceptable; it may even be compulsory if your ultimate goal is a massive monstrous multitude of followers. be forewarned however, there’s undoubtedly an insidiously cutthroat aspect at play; even if your images are original, they will be taken and re-posted by other “IGers” without consideration, concern, credit, or recourse.

i’m just sayin.

so there ya go, that’s just my two cents based on my own experience thus far. whichever you choose– enjoy! :)


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