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If you are one of the friends, acquaintances, or even random people I met during Fashion Week or whatever, that I recently told to check out, the "street style" photo submission website, I apologize. I was absolutely wrong and I hope your valuable time was not severely inconvenienced.


In short, it has become evident that is not as it appears at all, essentially they are merely luring you in with the ostensible service of offering a platform for you and your style works to be viewed and recognized by masses of your peers who share an enthusiasm for fashion. In reality it’s merely a scheme to draw in a greater number of official registrants, if you upload your photographs to their website, in fact they WILL NOT BE SEEN.



Not mentioned in their FAQ, but buried deep within "logs" dated back to August, 2010 (I discovered this after waiting over a week for a reply to my inquiry, by the way) uploading your photos merely starts a long chain of necessary activity that requires extensive time, effort, and "networking" for your submissions to be visible on the massive level they prominently, intentionally, and disingenuously suggest. Their "sign-up" page entices you to "Post a look! Don’t Be Shy!" and invite all your friends, and post it on your Facebook and link it to your Twitter and put widgets on your blogspots and websites and Tumblrs and give them access to your entire e-mail list, but they completely neglect to inform you that this is pretty much the only way your photographs will be visible to anyone but a "small segment of the [Lookbook] community" if, with any luck, at least one of those people is already a member.


In fact your first photograph will not be seen AT ALL unless at least one "trusted" member (they give no definition of a "trusted" member) endorses you by "hype"-ing you by adding one point to a grading score that determines your overall level of visibility.


i.e. The higher the score you get, the more people will see you as you ‘rise’ to the top. Yes sorry, it is exactly as annoying as it sounds.



To be fair, their justification is that this system was meant to protect their older members, who have earned the "privilege" of being seen on their website, that’s a direct quote from their (un-hyperlinkable) "log." But they don’t tell you this while they’re urging you to invite all your friends and colleagues and mentors and whatnot, I figured this all out by reading the registrants’ message forums for over a week, no joke. [So on top of all that nonsense, you kinda have to contend with some random creepfaces who are all territorial and get all up in your case because they got there "first"— you know the type. It isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s all the cattiness of the fashion industry and high school all rolled into one.]


The problem is Lookbook doesn’t tell you how many points you need to score or how long you need to devote to the "networking" process at all; for all intents and purposes, it’s purely random. So you could keep at it for quite some time, but never break through their "filter" that determines whether your pictures are visible. For example, I have invested one month’s time and approximately a dozen photos and have contributed several "posts" to the discussion forum, but I have not yet "broken through the filter." One photo averages about 40 views (including my own if I check the number of views).

Due to this filter, you’re also competing with far more people than the website displays. When you initially visit the site, your browser is set by default to the "strict" filter, meaning you are seeing ONLY the photos that have scored quite high. In fact, there are hundreds of hidden photos being uploaded, all vying for a "slot" on a much shorter list. Most people that visit the site are ONLY VIEWING THE SHORTEST LIST. In fact, many members bypass all the lists entirely (due to their magnitude, redundancy, and bandwidth lag), and do all their scrutinizing of photos strictly from personal lists they’ve collated of members they "follow" by "fanning." These are "feeds" that are sent daily straight to members’ e-mail boxes, so many members need not even visit the main page of the site at all.



I am not saying there is not some value in this type of "networking" for certain types of people. However, I would like to stress that if you are a professional within the fashion/photo industry, it is my opinion Lookbook is likely NOT the e-venue for you; it is purely a HOBBYIST endeavor. If however, if you’re willing to invest the ample time and funds necessary, there are aspects of Lookbook that could be advantageous— several models and stylists advertise their work on Lookbook, e.g., although I don’t know their rate of success. And obviously, several other street-style fashion startups already endeavor to pick up the enormous slack in professionalism, character, and technology Lookbook sustains.


Hope that answers your questions. Again, so sorry for the confusion and inconvenience; I’m deeply flattered you would consider my suggestions at all.



[ UPDATE – MARCH 9, 2011: Lest for some reason you still doubt Lookbook’s duplicity, please note that a link to this page IN ANSWER TO A NEWLY REGISTERED LOOKBOOK MEMBER– who inquired of experienced members in the discussion forum as to how photographs she was "anxious" to upload to Lookbook would fare within the site– was SUMMARILY REMOVED despite the veracity and accuracy of the information above. Both the new member’s question and my response (with a link to this commentary) were deleted from Page 2 of Lookbook’s forum topic titled "Basics of Lookbook." ]



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  1. LB used to be good when it was invite only but now it sucks. Most of the good people left a long time ago.

  2. Woah if you can’t get hyped on LB then their’s no hope for me! lol You have great style, better then most looks on the hot page :D I signed up awhile ago but just started posting looks. Can’t get hyped for anything! :\ lol

  3. hey there, pxthis ;) just wanted to say thx for the heads up. followed the link over from the forum. as u prob already know, can’t even ask questions there for at least 10 days. def don’t want to have to go thru that crap. so not what i had in mind. have u seen the comments after ur post? very immature crowd.

  4. Lookbook is a total sham!!! All the people on hot page have been there from the beginning when it was invitation only or have friends that are old LB members that hype them up. Everyone there is so full of themselves. They don’t even check other looks and only hype their followers and vice versa. Most of the looks posted are never even seen. It’s the same few people over and over again. That’s why most of the looks on hot page suck, only because they have the most followers are why they are there. Some of the ugliest fashion I have ever seen!!!! Lookbook sucks!!!! I’m so glad I found this post :)

  5. The reason they make you wait 10 days to post in Forum is prob ‘cos they are afraid the forum will be over run with complaints and questions asking about the crazy rules. The prob hope that after 10 days you just give up and leave.

  6. oh dear! calm down! I think it’s a good thing that lookbook is openly elitist- it’s a pretty good portrayal of the real fashion industry. you earn respect on there and if you are unable to then it’s more like that it’s your short-comings bringing you down, not the system. There are people on there who started of as ‘hidden’ nobodies, but they quickly earned respect and ‘hypes’.
    When lookbook became an open community there was a big uproar from the orginal members who actually argued the very same thing- that their looks would be lost under thousands of new members. I’m pretty sure you’d be arguing their side too, had you been an orginal. The owners of lookbook recognised the fact that it would lose respect from many of its top members unless it set out some clear rules, and I would even argue now that they are not strong enough because I still she some rubbish on the new feed.
    As someone who isn’t hugely familiar with the site I don’t believe you should accuse so many people of looking at ths ‘strict’ feed or only those they are fans of, because that simply isn’t the case. Just search something like “feed moderater” in the forum and see thousands of people agreeing that turning it off is better.
    It’s about self expression, not popularity. If you’re only on there to build some kind of fan base, it’s not going to work. Appriciate the fact that there is a wide range of style on there, many people post hundreds of looks, eaching only gaining very few ‘hypes’, but continue because they recognise that their style is unique and they are not narcissistic to expect everyone to love it. Why are you so keen to be popular on there?
    I’m not disrespecting your style or anything but there are reason these rules are in place; perhaps you’re one of the few decent new memebers and then I could recognise your discontent but if you think about it; these rules will work to your favour when you do ‘break through’. Without the regulations, many of the most worthy members would leave and the website would simply be a venue for people to post poor quality looks and to bitch about the old members, it would lose its status entirely.
    (also, I am a member of lookbook and have been since before it was an open community, but i do not post any looks on there so my view is by no means biased.)

  7. Oh pleeeeeze. If Lookbook is so “openly” elitist, why do they thru so much trouble to hide the real rules from people? The only reason I found this blog is ‘cos I did everything that this post says. I registered and gave LB access to my FB and Twitter, and told some friends so they could do it with me. The next thing I know, I am getting emails from people asking me WTF is going on with that website, ‘cos they all thought it’s not working right. If they are so “openly” elitist, how come I had to find the answers outside the site using Google? Why aren’t the answers in the forum? Oh right, because they deleted the link to this post, didn’t they?

    How can it be about self-expression, if the looks that are posted aren’t even shown? Your argument is weak, just like LB.

    Clearly you are some kind of lemming that does not mind being exploited. LB is obvs trying to get as many registrants as they can so they can make $$$ off advertising, and they actually don’t give a shit if the members are unhappy. If they can’t handle the high traffic and can’t handle posting all the looks, they should not be trying to trick more people into signing up and inviting all their friends. They should tell you immediately that the looks won’t be shown as soon as you sign up, then no one would bother.

    Having spent alot of time looking thru the LB forums, I can say that I am glad I never got too involved in it. The older members are even worse than the noobs, all stuck up thinking that their all that, and their looks are horrible. Just one look at this blog for example shows you that LB’s system is flawed, that fashion on this site is 100X better than all the looks on LB’s so-called “hot” page.

    Go back to all your stupid lemming friends, and don’t dare tell us to “calm down” when we are the ones telling the truth and not Lookbook.

  8. And btw, if LB members are so hot and fashionable, how come none of them have their own blogs with tons of followers? It’s ‘cos they are only popular with their friends on Lookbook, in reality they suck.

  9. “… on this site is 100X better than all the looks on LB’s so-called ‘hot’ page…”

    aww thanks, Laura T! :)

  10. OK, I never even heard of Lookbook, but after all the hubbub here, I had to take a look.

    LOL! The only way that website could be considered a “pretty good portrayal of the real fashion industry” is if Fashion had a Special Olympics. If Anna Wintour knew anyone was comparing that to the real industry, she’d probably have a heart attack.

    Sorry, I don’t have anything against websites that are for kids and tweens, but as a person that actually does work in the industry, I can tell you that Lookbook thing is nowhere remotely near a good portrayal, unless you are only talking about the part of the industry that’s geared toward teenagers like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

  11. Orginally, the new rules were posted ALL OVER the website. It’s on the log, and they’re not going to try and put people off straight away. I’d agree that they certainly have financial motivation but of course they mind if people are unhappy, because they’d leave, therefore there would be less profit. You’ve complete contradicted yourself. The ‘truth’ has never be hidden. Did you expect to post your first look and be blasted straight onto the “hot” page with all those who’ve spent a long time earning that status?
    How would you suggest it is run? Everyone wants to be shown on there, right? That would not be possible at all, because there would be so many that most would never be seen. I’m sure if you have some genius suggestion to work that out; they’d be glad to hear it.
    Also, soooooooooooooooo many lookbookers have blogs with thousands of followers, I have no idea where the idea that they don’t came from!
    Self expression means exactly that. SELF expression. It doesn’t matter if no one worships it and you get lots of hypes because it’s about expressing your SELF and not being influenced by the opinion of others. Besides; I’d argue that your point was flawed anyway because they do get seen by people. The “special” moderators basically only decide whether the look is suitable for the website; clear, detailed and fashionable. It’s to stop people posting perhaps copied or blurry images. To maintain the standards of the site. After that, the look is shown to EVERYONE who opts to view it, it’s not as complicated a system as is made out here.
    Good job you pulled out the old ‘lemming’ insult though. That one really got me! I was trying to help you understand and appriciate the system, not start a petty name-calling war!

  12. oh i forgot to say: actually i did see a few (not many) nice looks on LookBook so maybe it’s not fair to diss everybody, just because only some people there suck :P

  13. oh! but actually, Friend, sorry but you are not telling the truth. the issue here (read my entry again, if you deign/must, please) is that i received many many questions and complaints from people whom had either directly or indirectly been led to LookBook by me. this was posted here on my blog to answer all those questions at once. which i did above, as succinctly as i could.

    not long afterward, a new member inquired in the LookBook forum about posting photos; she specifically asked for an opinion as to how others thought her photographs might fare in bolstering her vintage store business.

    well, the answer to her question is here, quite accurately i might add, so in answer to her i provided a link to this page.

    so why were both her question and my answer summarily deleted from the forum? if, as you say, the rules are not “hidden”? what are they ashamed of exactly?

    i did have a “genius suggestion” to their problem of mis-managed traffic. STOP DISINGENUOUSLY TRYING TO ACQUIRE IT.
    you see? then everybody wins. except Greed of course.

    thanks for your input. but in the future please refrain from issuing imperatives to my readers and/or me so as to try and ameliorate such problematic discussions as this.

  14. 1. I didn’t argue/deny that? I don’t understand?
    2. Do you really think that you lookbook owners are going to search though MILLIONS of comments on forums to find any which bad mouthed the site? I don’t know what your exact comments were, of course, but perhaps they broke a rule of the site? Lookbooks negatives are widely critised on its own forums, none of those are deleted.. I can’t help but feel that the whole situation is being dramatised here. It’s just a website.
    3. I can’t find the suggestion? Was that in what you posted on the forum?
    4. Re-reading my comment I found not a single imperative…………. unless you’re refering to “calm down” in my first comment, which was a joke because I no idea that people would get so irate about this and assumed they would be prepared to listen to an opposing view.
    You really haven’t addressed any of the points I’ve made about how people use the site, I really was just trying to give an insight. But okay, it’s your choice to avoid the site!
    Also I’d like to thank you for the practice this little discussion has given me for my exam tomorow where I shall have to write an argumentative piece of text :D

  15. “After that, the look is shown to EVERYONE who opts to view it, it’s not as complicated a system as is made out here.”

    That is NOT TRUE, which is the point of this whole post. Follow the links and you can see tons of people complaining that even with the filter turned off, the looks are still not seen on the new page.

    “You really haven’t addressed any of the points I’ve made about how people use the site,”

    It’s not addressed bc no one gives a shit. Who cares how you use it? The point is Lookbook LIES to get new people to sign up and tell all their friends. Your argument is not only flawed it’s stupid. If LB cared about it’s members, they would have changed it back to invite only like all the members wanted. If you leave, they don’t chase after you to beg you to come back. All they care about is that they have the numbers to attract advertisers. If old members leave it’s so obvs that they don’t care. They have hundreds of new people to replace them every day, even if those people also get frustrated and leave after a few weeks, they don’t care bc they already tricked hundreds more to sign up in that time.

    Ta ta, lemming. Don’t worry I’m calm. Here’s one for you: Go away.

  16. Lol that’s true, I left LB awhile ago and no one begged me to come back! Actually LB started sucking even before it got opened to everyone, people kept giving away passwords to friends and didn’t care if that person had good style or not. I agree that LB is overrated anyway, it was only really good in the beginning. And lots of people complain the filters and rules are confusing. Wouldn’t say that LB actually lies but it took me awhile to figure out the filters. Doesn’t matter anyway, you don’t see that many good looks anymore filter or no filter, the hot page is horrible, that’s why I just gave up.

  17. Wow! Followed this link from FB, just looked at the main page. Never heard of this blog before, you have great style!!! :D

    I get why people get annoyed with FB, if looks like this have no chance of being on hot page what’s the point??? Lol, LB has t-shirts and ripped jeans that get thousands of hypes, so retarded.

  18. Someone recently alerted me to your post, and I am so glad they did. I did a huge post about these type of sites last year that garnered responses from the site owners themselves:

    Why I’m Not on Weardrobe, Chictopia, Lookbook, or Hypeed

    Your fantastic write-up covers the “duplicity” of at least from an angle I had neither the time nor the patience to investigate. I commend you…extremely well-written and very thought-provoking!

  19. Great point G&G about LB that I never thought about! As an Asian person, I do find it annoying that alot of Asians are soooooo into white girls, esp blondes. It’s the worse in Japan. There are never any Asians in all their ads in mags and bill boards all over Tokyo. Lookbook does have soooo many Asians and they usually hype and comment on white models so much, not even their own people. But they are very young on LB though :/ I hope they grow up someday and learn better :D

  20. wow THIS was sooo helpful, I was beginning to get frustrated! haha
    Do you have any other ideas for trying to get the word out on your blog?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. hi Sophia!
    sorry to get back to you so late, but i was actually out of town last week.
    i WISH i had some good ideas— i’d write a book and sell them!

    the only advice i can give is just about the same tired old stuff everybody says… it takes time, have great content, be “social,” contribute to other blogs, blah blah bleah yada yada yada

    unfortunately, the webs are so supersaturated with style blogs now, it really is much more difficult to get noticed now than it used to be. i think the only reason i’ve done okay is because my other blog has been around so much longer already (and i have a book as well…)

    what is your blog, by the way? :)

  22. You forgot over the knee socks. The best way to get hypes on LB is to wear over the knee socks, even though those went out in 1993. Not kidding.

  23. To be fair though, thigh-high socks came back bc thigh-high boots are so en vogue now. But obviously those boots are expensive, the good ones are about $1200-$3200. So for alot of these kids, they only way to seem fashionable is to wear those socks to copy that look.

    I have nothing against Lookbook, but it is only a ‘hot’ website for KIDS, period. Great marketing for cheap knockoff stores like Topshop, H&M, Forver 21, etc but nothing to do w/ high fashion at all.

  24. This post has been very informative and I must agree after using lookbook for a short while and judging by the whole no one knows you exist thing, it does get depressing. Personally I wouldn’t drop it just because it is nice being able to viewing everyone’s style worldwide regardless of whether they’ve been hyped or whatever. There are also other sites like Chictopia which I find to be more community based where you do get to meet some fascinating people. But I definitely wouldn’t judge my worth from the ‘karma’ points and I’m glad to know that other people won’t either :)

    I know that this topic may frustrate many people who want these kinds of sites to be more than what they are but perhaps we should just accept it and for those who want to use them – go for it, otherwise simply don’t. I suppose I may be taking a care-free stance on the situation but I suppose that’s the type of blogger I am :)

    P.S. I like your clothes ;)

  25. aww thanks, Yin :)

    except, i wasn’t asking Lookbook to be “more than what it is.” i don’t think anybody here was. what i was suggesting is that they stop being deceptive and disingenuous in their attempts to attract more traffic. traffic which, by the way, they have openly admitted they cannot accommodate properly.

    but yes, of course, if that doesn’t bother you, by all means, enjoy. however, admittedly my intent with this post is that professionals within the industry, with far better ways to invest their presumably limited time/energy, not fall prey to’s duplicity and waste their valuable time.

    thanks again! :)

  26. wow. thanks abbe.

    i just joined lookbook a month ago, and i’ve posted here and there, but its hard for me to get super active in the forums (nor did i think i needed to!). i love fashion, but i can barely find the time as is to take pictures and edit them, AND post 20 million things on the forums just to get noticed.

    i’ve turned off my strict karma filter (hell, i didn’t even notice it because the font is so TINY), so that i can hype more of those newly, unseen looks.

  27. I have thought about how weird is LB and why some normal look get over 1000 hypes. So I joined just to see. I was on LB for quite sometime. If you think Over the knee socks will work, think again! ha ha, I have tried but no hype. so I was saying goodbye to LB but still on chictopia just because so they know my blog exist!

  28. slightly exaggerated, I think personally, as I have in fact made it a bit in Lookbook. At first it’s slow, but then you can get rid of your earlier looks, clean up your profile and increase your karma. It’s a hobby for me, and to get some recognition is even better.

  29. uh huh.

    i like how despite everything i’ve written being absolutely true— Lookbook makes you jump through hoops like you actually owe them something, they neglect to properly inform you of their real rules, system, and motives, they encourage you upon registration and numerous other occasions to invite as many people as possible despite their inability to handle the traffic efficiently, honestly, or fairly— and yet I’M still the one that’s “slightly exaggerating.”


  30. Although this entry was thoroughly illuminated on the flaws and favouritism of LookBook, it seems kind of obvious that the most popular looks would be the oldest lookbookers who have had the longest opportunity to gain followers and amass a huge collections of looks, thereby being constantly in the “hot” list.

    But it is horribly deceptive how the website gets people to share their looks and neglect to let people know the rules/hurdles you have to go through and understand to be allowed the hallowed grounds of the front page. And you make such a valid point in that these people are more amateurs in the fashion world, they’re high school hipsters and fine arts stoners who can afford a few high end pieces that they can water down with American Apparel overpriced cotton basics.

    I think the purpose is not to become recognized and popular (although I admit that’s why I would start posting looks if I ever did) but to document and collect your outfits and see the evolution of your personal style.

    Oh and to the person mentioning how no one with popular blogs post and that they are living in a ‘lookbook popularity bubble’, the kiddies on LB have a hell of a lot better designed blogs than this one. This blog looks like it took its theme from “the greatest layouts for internet websites of the 90’s”…

    PS Nice WordArt Name! ;D

  31. Pleeeez, if the whole point of LB was just to “document and see the evolution of” their looks, then the majority of Lookbookers would not be spending all their time gaming the system by cheating. The only reason all of those horrible looks are even on the so-called “hot” page is bc they spend all day “Hyped! Hype back?!” and “Fanned! Fan back?!” and “Loveeee! Check me out!!” so just give it up already with that BS.

    And Abbe don’t pay any attention to these tween LB morons. Your blog is awesome and I love that it’s clean, fresh and simple but is not Tumbler or Blogspot. Not that I don’t like your other PX blog, but I like how this one is almost like the opposite. Actually if it looked like others with 1000 frames and everything that makes you go blind, I would hate it.

  32. Btw @Jeannie I was the one that said there are no stylish bloggers on LB. But your argument is they have better layouts?? LMAO, they have the latest Diva Vogue Fab Magazine theme on their blogs but all their fashion looks are shit. Woah so impressive!!!!

  33. aww thanks, Laura T!

    actually the only reason i chose the simplest blog layout is because i wanted it to look effortless. i think if it looked like i actually put a lot of work into this style blog, i would have to kill myself.

  34. exposed! I’m so glad I read this, I was beginning to think my looks were just really ugly!

    It seems strange that lookbook markets itself as a place where people can showcase their style while only a minority can actually do so. It’s a shame because I’m sure there are so many inspirational looks that no one will ever see.


    Ps. I love your blog and will be following from now on!

  35. aww, thank you so much Rachel!

    somebody sent me an email a couple of days ago, and they suggested Instagram! do you have iPhone or Android or iPad?

    it’s such a good idea, i just started a separate account just for fashion, and if you use the #hashtags, it really is a nice way to “showcase” while also getting inspiration from other people. i like it :)

    maybe you should try too. my new account there is @abbediaz_dotcom

    if you have/start an account, please drop me a line!

  36. Oh, so that’s how it works, I wondered why I didn’t get one hype for the look I posted, I mean it wasn’t horrible and I was thinking someone in the world must also share my love of comfy style. It’s also pretty annoying always seeing the same people over and over again, I use lookbook for inspiration but it’s become pretty limited.

  37. I wonder if there are any sites that are not as “posh” as lookbook? I mean, all the looks seem to be like professional shots from magazines and such. It’s beautiful, no doubts but… There is japanese site called codenote and I felt so much comfier browsing looks there. No professional cameras, just self-shoots in the mirror but still tones of style! There is possibility to browse latest looks, looks based on style (no matter how much “hype” analogue they scored) I would love to be a member of community like that but codenote is entirely japanese site, not a word in English and lots of brands I never even heard of and it is clearly oriented to japanese public only :(
    Lookbook is too glossy, I feel more like browsing through a magazine than taking inspiration from my PEERS :( Really wish there was something more codenote-like in English!

  38. hi *****

    thanks, that codenote site is actually kinda cute. i know there are other sites like Chictopia and Whatiwear, but they have rules similar to Lookbook, you would not be able to just post photos of garments on hangers or just accessories, etc.

    have you tried Instagram? it’s a free download for iPhone (and Android now, i think)– it also works on iPad. there you will find people who post “inspiration” without any rules, and you will be able to see everyday and “mirror” shots as well as professional editorial. all you need do is search for hashtags like #fashion or #streetfashion or #style and you can follow(and be followed) by whomever you choose. eventually you will decide for yourself which hashtags you like best.

    good luck! :)

  39. does not give a fuck about their users. in fact their number one priority right now is to sell out their users and their data as fast as possible to advertisers, which theyve hired a scummy ad sales guy to do while giving him a ridiculous amount of control over their company. what other company do you hear the founders insulting, degrading (and possibly filtering out) the users who voice their opinions about ads? none that are going to be around in the long run i suspect.

    they do minimal maintenance (if you can even call it that) and simply copy and paste all of their technology and design from other successful companies. their surprising early success (which they should have been grateful for) has made them blind and arrogant, and they have forgotten who supported them in their quest for glory — all of the fashion-loving users. maybe in the early days, before the success, they may have “cared” about their users, but now, absolutely none of that exists. i guess what can you expect from a “fashion company” run by a group of disgusting guys, all who have no fashion sense whatsoever, and one jaded girl, who may have been into the fashion scene at one point but spends most of her time just goofing off and has no say whatsoever in the company.

    also for one final point, i think your review of their hype system is accurate but did you know that even if users “break through” their hype system, the admins manually delete photos if they don’t think “they’re hot enough”? yes, even if you break through their convoluted system, you still have the chance of getting deleted manually on a whim by a bunch of fashionless dudes.

    don’t waste your time on a shitty site like

  40. This makes me so incredibly happy. I’ve uploaded to Lookbook and couldn’t for the life of me figure our why my looks weren’t getting any hypes. I assumed it was non-professional camera quality [as the outfits themselves were exactly what I’d seen going around before], but this makes a whole not more sense. I’d see my pictures on the “New” list though, and am surprised that they make it seem as if my picture was actually there to others. It’s deceitful and only serves to frustrate me. D:

  41. hi Andy,

    yes it’s frustrating all right, sorry you had to go through that :(

    i’m so glad this post was helpful! :)

  42. In my opinion Lookbook has no more anything about personal style and genuine sharing of fashion point of view
    They are all almost teen or around 20 years old, they think they could be model or cool people by posing with extra skinny legs and creepy\diabetic outfits
    This is not what we’re expecting from fashion blogging and fashion communities…real people, genuine cool outfits, happy people…

  43. I’ve been apart of working with the men fashion for about two weeks now and I got nearly 300 fans. However, my younger sister cant seem to get any hypes. I think it is bogus because she has great looks [even more creative and “real” than on the Hot tab] I hate getting on the home page and seeing the hot tab because in my oppinion, it is the same people, the clothes are ugly, I would never let my future daughter out of the house in some of the clothes they post. I understadn it can be a matter of taste, but a tshirt and underwear? How is that fashion? Because it has a cute cat face print on it?

    I enjoy lookbook for the simple fact of seeing the men’s fashion and where they got the clothes [brand, price, etc] but it is a sham. I have been doing “well” but it drives me bloody mad seeing the same old ugly outfits and the same people. This blog helped me out a lot as to why a lot of the actual good new outfits don’t get through. I already would purposefully search for the outfits that had little hypes because more than not, they rocked!

  44. Hi abbe, everyone,

    Sorry to threadjack! We came across this post via a friend, and just wanted to give a shoutout to you guys. We’re a newly launched fashion social network –

    I hope you guys will check us out and tell us what you think. We try our best to incorporate user feedback as much as possible, and hope to keep it that way! It’s the users that build the site and we always want to be focused on you guys.

    Can always contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you guys!


  45. Lookbook, chictopia uhmmm I think they’re just a wast of time, they make money and marketing with your pics, obviously they want you to dress as it goes now, because of the traffic you can generate, don’t expect from people an interest in sophisticated things, so most of people want to see certain outfits
    It’s like Facebook, they make money with you pretty needs of vanity!

  46. Woah,I know this is an old post, but I still wanted to comment. I was so excited about LookBook and I signed up, not knowing about any rules about posting. Made the account, set up profile and made a 3 picture collage of a look I posted on my blog a while back. The rules were so strict I couldn’t even upload that picture and today it took me an extra hour trying to get one good picture so I could upload that to LookBook. After reading this I don’t see a point in that. I’m just gonna use it to fan/follow or whatever the people with awesome styles and just put my own pictures on my blog.

    LookBook doesn’t even deserve new members like this.

    Thanks for this post, I’m obviously wasting my time on LookBook.

  47. You need to increase your FAN number and CARMA on LOOKBOOK.NU but can`t get it done or you don’t have the time for it ?
    Well, I`m your guy and i will manage your profile for a long time !

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