art works – 05

Alex | commission; 2007 | each 18" x 24" | oil pastel and acrylic paint


this one is dedicated to my fan "Moira6," who apparently thinks i harbor some kind of anorexia fetish and help perpetuate unrealistic body image aspirations to the world’s impressionable youth, by glorifying compliant "malnourished" and "emaciated" brainwashed physiques.

Alex is probably my most favorite art job ever, she’s so sweet. she’d purchased three drawings of mine (and a dress) before finally commissioning a piece of her own— something she’d "always dreamed of doing." she’s also 5’2" and a perfectly healthy 114 pounds, by the way.

but who cares. go on and have that fifth donut you’re craving, Moira6, while you’re waiting for the elevator to ferry you down two whole flights of stairs. enjoy! no judgment here.

we are all God’s children and therefore perfect, bitches.


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