art works – 02

Perla 03 | 2006 | 12" x 17" | oil pastel and acrylic paint


okay so, even though i try to post to this blerg every weekday, i know i’ve missed a few Fridays, usually due to travel or other such unavoidable circumstances. i did notice though, that the web traffic and whatnot does decrease a bit on Fridays as well, probably due to people having "casual" office hours or busily preparing for their awesome weekends and stuff. well, now with the recent procurement of my totally dope 11.6" 2.4lb MacBook Air, i’ve become so much more productive on my daily outings that i sometimes completely forget to have photos taken of all my snazzy get-ups. so it doesn’t seem like Fridays are going to improve very much around here in terms of new content, sorry!

therefore, i’ve decided to post photos of my art works on Fridays instead. with the impending release of PX Me, it works out to be a pretty good idea anyways, since although PX Me will feature some photos (just like PX This – The Revised Edition), it’s obviously just not viable to include the entire collection. so, much in the same way this blog serves as an informative addendum to PX This, it can now function in the same helpful manner once PX Me is finally released (and we return to our regularly scheduled PX This programming), yay!

as always, thank you so much for all your patience, encouragement, and support :)



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