before the hurricane

top: Geld Iaz, 2006 | pants: Geld Iaz, 2000 | shoes: Yves St Laurent, 2010 | bag: Yves St Laurent, 2008


haa, a "street style blogger" stopped me on West 3rd St and asked if she could take my picture. i never feel comfortable with it, but i don’t want to refuse because i feel bad. but their photos never really turn out that well so i think i might have to start saying no thank you from now on. sorry, but this street style blogging thing is like the new food blogging– it’s starting to get kinda totally outta hand, it’s ridiculous.

oh by the way, remember when i mentioned "my geld-iaz black twisted kungfu pants" and how at one point Calvin Klein was even sweating them? well these are from the same collection, except the ones Calvin Klein was sweating were the wider version. i don’t have those anymore though, somebody bought them– yes, practically right off my ass— and i never bothered to replace them. i really liked them though (much better than these), so maybe someday…


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