salina: lingua


second island: Salina

we stopped in Lingua just to go to Da Alfredo which is famous for their "pane cunzato" and granite. da Alfredo comes very highly recommended from all over the Aeolian Islands, if you mention to anybody that you’re visiting Salina, they tell you immediately you must go to Alfredo and have their panewhatever and especially their granite, particularly the one made with white figs (while they’re in season).

and everyone is totally right about the fig granita (the almond and peach ones are awesome too), but umm well, let’s just say i have my own opinion about their panewhatever.

our friends who own Black Sea say they visited the week before too, and all the yachts (like Giorgio Armani’s and Roberto Cavalli’s!) pulled up to Alfredo like it’s a drive-thru and had granite delivered to them via dinghy.


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