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eyewear: Gucci, 2004


spent the day in Tulum but only got to really see Casa Violeta, because it turned out we ran into a bazillion people from New York there. holy cow it was like a scene out of La Esquina– solo con sol, arena, y el mar. ha ha aha lemme put it this way: if Ferret knew about this place, for sure he’d make a pitstop on his way home from St Barth.



one night in cancun

hat: Zadig & Voltaire, 2010 | dress: Geld Iaz, 1997


yeah so apparently Mexico has a “Fair Use Policy” (FUP) which allows ISPs to “apply a cap” and “limit the amount of data transfer” as they see fit. just something to keep in mind the next time you rent an international mobile wifi unit and haul all your snazzy fancy state of the art equipment halfway around the planet to a country that’s less than four hours away (and are yanking your hair bald wondering why the hell internet access is slower than AOL dial-up in 1996).

oh p.s. hey Mexico and/or xcom: FUP you.