15" MacBook Pro: 2006 | 11" MacBook Air: 2011 | 27" iMac: 2007 | iPad: 2010 | iPad2: 2011 | 13" iBook: 2000 | iPhone: 2008 | iPod Touch: 2006 | iPod Nano: 2005   "… I later purchased an Apple computer, and it was with that machine and others that I used to create […]

oh the irony

Answered at Quora in response to: Why did Solange Knowles attack Jay-Z? “YOU are the reason we had to sign that thing in the first place!” * Oh the irony. BOOMBOOM ROOM | PX This. Yeah so, I asked around last night because along with what seems like the rest of the wooorld, I too […]

ubud by ipad

  these are the photos i’ve taken with my iPad, because i can’t get any of the pictures i’ve shot out of my camera. it seems my USB card reader is incompatible with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. just something to maybe keep in mind the next time you haul all your snazzy state of the […]