jacket: Domenico Vacca (men’s; altered), 2007 | top: Geld Iaz, 2008 | pants: Initial (Hong Kong), 2009 | eyewear: Moncler, 2014 | sandals: Adidas SLVR, 2010


7 thoughts on “ice”

  1. WOW! Goodly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – master of Aikido (I still believe that they can fly!)
    PSY – RIGHT NOW @ Seoul Plaza Live Concert (
    – (I found right company for you – nigh your male equivalent)

  2. Seeing Abbe Diaz continues to Triumph Of Deconstruction, I’m starting to read
    ‘Anti-Architecture And Deconstruction: The Triumph Of Nihilism’
    by Nikos A. Salingaros

    1. i had to look up “nihilism.”

      that sounds like a very smart book. you’re so smart, Eveline.

  3. oooh i love that website, thank you Eveline! :)

    i took Aikido classes for about three weeks a looong time ago. ha ha ugh they tossed me around so bad that i hurt my back and by the time i healed, i gave up on Aikido.

    i love PSY, he’s so cute.

  4. Another blog for you. :)
    She’s a good girl, goes in the right direction. She did not have the courage. I think she needs help. Your assistance and training. Your spirit! After all, you are the Spirit!
    (I’m not sure, but it seems like NY Soho.)

  5. Oh she is beautiful, and it’s a very nice blog! Yes that looks like right in my area.

    No courage? Did she quit? That is a shame.

    You have such a good eye, Eveline. To go with your wonderful energy. Not negative like so many miserable people.

    Maybe you should start a blog curating all your favorite bloggers :)

    1. I thought about, by the Calendar I can to league people… Did you see Maybe something like this? But I only serve. You lead. :)

      Particular this girl – she is yours: sort of “sacred heiress”!

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