fight | flight

jacket: Y3, 2011 | boots: Gianni Bravo, 2006 | eyewear: See, 2014 | bag: Jil Sander, 2012


2 thoughts on “fight | flight”

  1. Black Mesh Duffle Bag, mmmmmm! I’ll tell you about!

    It was last spring. I’m walking down the street, around – dull crowd. And here I was ahead of the Girl. Skinny jeans, t-shirt, long hair, sneakers aaaaand – The Black Mesh Duffle Bag. And there and then I have felt by shit so the girl with mesh bag was divine.

    Spring – a very difficult time for dressing for several reasons. All civilized seems somehow redundant against the bright sun and reborn Nature. Handbags at this time look particularly out of place. They look too far-fetched, heavy on the background of young greens. But not this bag.

    It is so airy, hints at gym hall, and therefore associated with youth. It is not leather, simple, not meant to be. You’re the queen of spring with this bag.

    Black mesh is a very popular model of the gym bag. China cheap versions are selling like hotcakes. Only in this case, I think Jil Sander picked up the idea from the Chinese, and not vice versa as usual. Jil Sander just “cast it in gold”.

    I do not have this bag, nothing like that. Probably it snapping up immediately. A very welcome thing. For many girls.

    1. you are so right Eveline, that is exactly how i feel about Spring/Summer and handbags! i feel like all the beautiful leather ones that i love in the Fall are too bulky in the beautiful sunshine, that i actually had a bit of an obsession last summer and started searching everywhere for “mesh” bags.

      like this one!


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