px this to ________, __________
2:55 PM (23 hours ago)


well it has taken me all these days to muster up the energy to respond to this email, and even after spending a long weekend in the sun, sand, and ocean, i still don’t have any. 

but okay, this is what i think

– it sucks.

– the last time i heard a producer/actor say this project will be delayed "for a couple months" to go off somewhere and do a theatre play, it was 2008.

– in that interim of "a couple months" i also lost a DP and then two writers. and then a second producer and a second DP. and now apparently a third producer and lead actor. so it’s almost laughable this idea that a cast/crew assembled in April will still be available in June.

– like e.g., _________ is not going to audition for the next few months? i am so shur.

– _________ will ________ in the Spring. by June it will only be available overnight for shooting, not mornings and early afternoons.

– sorry but i must say this is really starting to irritate the ever living shit out of me.

congratulations, bon voyage, and break a leg.


p.s. and if you think it makes me happy that you got a role someplace else with my fucking haircut, oh it so does not.


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