liberté, equalité …

top: Geld Iaz, 2006 | leggings: Forever 21, 2008 | shoes: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | shirt (men’s): Coast, Weber, & Ahaus, 2010 | jeans (men’s): Balmain, 2011 | boots (men’s): Balmain, 2011


although i really looove these men’s Balmain jeans and think it’s great that sweetie got them, here’s a little secret about shopping in Miami Beach: they don’t believe in sales. i’d asked a salesperson in a store about a Moncler coat (yes, in Miami) at the end of last winter, and was surprised when she’d told me it wasn’t on sale at all. she’d explained to me that in Miami Beach, they "get a lot of tourists"— and apparently, tourists are too stupid to realize that we have seasons in America (?) and that surplus retail items often get discounted at the end of those seasons. and so supposedly this is why in Miami Beach surplus retail items hardly ever get discounted, despite the item perhaps being, shall we say, démodé.

anyway, there’s this very nice store on Collins Ave called The Webster, they have some really beautiful things. and it’s true, nothing ever goes on sale there. on our previous visit i’d seen a great pair of Azzedine Alaïa shoes that seriously tempted me and had been quite relieved to hear they’d only had one pair left in a size that was way too big for me. well wouldn’t you know on this most recent visit, they still had that very same pair of size 41 Alaïa’s, and still they had not been discounted to expedite their unloading. weird, right?

in any case, my point is i’m glad these Balmain’s are so remarkable and unique, the likeliness of them sitting in a bargain bin somewhere else is really rather nil. but i’m still afraid to google and see if they could have been had elsewhere for less, cuz that might drive me a little bit crazy.

dinner at Hotel Griffou.


11 thoughts on “liberté, equalité …”

  1. Hey if Miss Thing here can rock $1300 handbags, then Sweetie can have his $1300 jeans. I’m saying this after I almost spit coffee all over my screen coughing it out of my nose, btw.

    Those jeans are fiiieerce. WERK!

      1. Ooohh, hey, “SJ”! If I say “please” will you hold your breath? Wait until Abbsterpiece’s new book comes out! I would say you’ll get your “karma” alright.

        LOL. (And I’m very sure that’s definitely not the last laugh I’m going to get out of all this.)

  2. lol hi SJ

    your version of karma is so slow. it’s been 4 years and it still hasn’t worked. but our version of karma is so much faster – it has worked so much in the same amount of time. shall we count the ways?

    maybe your version of karma needs better batteries. ours is like the energizer bunny.

    but go ahead and keep waiting – it has been so entertaining :)

    1. “tick tock on the clock, but the party don’t stop”
      dick, waiting for the new book, but heard a rumor that maybe not so fast.
      should i still be holding my breath?
      think not, i am not nearly fabulous enough to rate a footnote in that
      literary masterpiece, just a fly on the wall
      i could write a book, a blog, a letter, do i care enough?
      tick tock

  3. You heard a “rumor” or you read the official announcement on the PX This blog? Did the “rumor” also tell you that the delay is kind of my fault, and that I actually feel pretty bad about it?

    I don’t know, SJ, I’ve seen the manuscript, and aside from alot of the older characters, there are alot of fresh new faces in there, too. Maybe you will be surprised about who is and who isn’t in it.

    You sure seem to “care enough” to hang around and leave comments. I heard a rumor that the reason that you don’t write a book/blog/letter, is not because you don’t care. It’s actually that you really do care, but unfortunately, you are not witty, not interesting, really don’t know shit, and are kind of illiterate.

    Care enough to prove me wrong? What if I dare you? What if I double dog dare you?

    Otherwise, unlike Vanilla Ice, I don’t find you entertaining at all. Actually, I think you’re pretty boring.

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  5. LOL.

    Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?

    Sure, SJ. You go ahead and keep waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for your so-called “karma”. In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and continue to enjoy how real karma has already clearly taken its toll – you just haven’t come to grips with it yet.

    And to answer your previous question, yes. Please do keep holding your breath.

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