rreoowwrr…? ugh.

dress: Geld Iaz, 2010 | coat: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, 2009 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2010


as usual i was in denial about Winter when i dressed for this party at Mr Chow, i chose this piece particularly because ehee heee i knew a client of mine would be there and i was sure she would want to buy this dress on the spot (practically right off my back). then i got outside and Winter smacked me across the face. it was freezing so i went back upstairs to change but then i was so irritated, Winter had zapped all the energy out of me and one of the main reasons i’d wanted to go to this party in the first place was specifically to sell this dress. so then i felt like i didn’t want to go to the party anymore. so then that was that.


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