jacket: B by Burton, 2011 | pants: B by Burton, 2011 | boots: Burton, 2009 | mittens: Burton, 2011 | hat: Villawool, 2009 | goggles (all): Oakley, 2011


days three, four, and five: stayed at a NorthStar Lodge cabin. we had more food and wine than we knew what to do with— this is what happens when you travel with food professionals.

in all fairness, i didn’t pick out any of this cool gear, my friend did— apparently she is the Burton queen, she has the special membership card and everything (her posse is all former Olympian and master snow riders and whatnot, i am not even kidding). and i must have looked pretty smokin or something, cuz i kept getting compliments from everybody all over the mountain.

the non-foodpro segment of our party are hotshots in the snow-gear business, so we were rolling PX all weekend long, it was pretty awesome.


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