karma and galoshes

white rain boots: Jeffrey Campbell, 2010 | black rain boots: Fendi, 2010



a few months ago i gave my Aigle rain boots to Mom, because they were slightly large and i’d finally grown tired of piling on multiple pairs of thick socks every time i needed to wear them. and Mom was so ecstatic to receive them; i’d had no idea she’d been admiring and desiring them all along. so then i was happy that Mom was thrilled, but that left me in a bit of a quandary— it’d had taken me a long while to track them down, and when it rains, slightly big cool rain boots are definitely better than no cool rain boots at all.

well wouldn’t you know within a week i found the most perfect rain boots in the world, i’d been searching literally decades for a pair like this, i absolutely looove them. but some time around their fifth or sixth outing (i loved them so much i even wore them in the dryness) i began to fear i was smothering them with so much love, they wouldn’t be long for this world. and it’d taken me nearly a lifetime to find them!

but karma still prevailed, miraculously i soon found a second pair of perfect rain boots, can you believe it. they perform awesomely on those really brutally torrential stormy days that fine Italian craftmanship was simply never meant to endure. these white platform plastic boots are made in China instead, so you know the score on that. now my gorgeous Italian calfskin-lined black rubber rain boots can take a relaxing break from the monsoons every now and again.

and they all lived happily ever after, The End.


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