coconut oil kills staphylococcus aureus


okay, i know this is kinda a departure for this blog and probably generally qualifies as TMI, but it’s important so here goes:

a few weeks ago, i got what looked like a “spider bite” on my forehead. within a day it started to itch and within two days it had started to spread to an area about the size of a dime. thinking it was some form of dermatitis, i self-treated it with various creams and gels (clotrimazole, salicylic acid, sea salt water) and sunlight. after a few days when it became obvious that none of those had worked, i resorted to hydrogen peroxide. it immediately dried up the rash on contact but left the area tender and raw, as if it had been scraped on the pavement or something. so then i was convinced it was a form of staphylococcus aureas (staphylococcus epidermidis). Continue reading