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come fly with me

sweater coat: Rick Owens, 2007 | top: Geld Iaz, 2004 | pants: Geld Iaz, 1999 | boots: All Saints, 2010 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | bag: Celine, 2011


lunch at Gemma. errands in midtown. early drinks at Nobu 57 (sorry but contrary to his own belief, that filipino bartender makes the shittiest margarita. nice guy, though). light dinner at A Voce – Time Warner.


grey + gardens

jacket: Rick Owens Lilies, 2009 | pants: Geld Iaz, 2002 | t-shirt: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2010 | bag: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | eyewear: vendor, 2004 | hat: Milsa, 2010


dinner at Kittichai to pre-sample their new Spring "Happy Hour" dinner special (50% off all bottles of wine – officially starting May 2nd). yea, life is rough.


long live McQueen

car coat: Rick Owens Lilies, 2007 | t-shirt: RLX Ralph Lauren, 2010 | jeans: Dior (men’s – altered), 2007 | boots: Alexander McQueen, 2007 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2010


these denim shorts are a hand-me-down from sweetie, they used to be full-length but i cut them and took in the crotch after he’d worn them down until they had holes in the ass.

dinner party at La Esquina. drinks at Mr H.


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