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hey did i ever tell about the hawk? no of course i didn’t.

well the hawk often soars outside my window, you can spot it right away most mornings, it looks like a big giant kite flying up in the sky high above the park. one day a little while ago the hawk stopped by for a visit, it landed on my balcony. it scared the shit out of me, i’d just happened to walk out of the bedroom into the living room at that moment, and at first glance it looked like a person just standing there, that’s how big it was. it stayed about ten minutes or so, letting me take photographs through the glass while it posed and looked pensive.

afterward it took a good long gaze at the little framed picture of Baba Muktananda on the windowsill and then another at Guru Mai hanging on the opposite wall. then it flew away. i’m just sayin.

anyway, it’s outside my window right now, i can see it from my desk. it’s been circling round and round and round but when i try as usual to snap another photo of its mighty impressive wingspan, it always takes off and disappears.


love is… ?

Lelaine Lau is wearing this great dress from Roberto Cavalli and Edwige Belmore had the coolest rubber blazer…


last night was this great event called "Love Is…" by Lelaine Lau’s Salon 403. Camille Becerra of Paloma restaurant (and Top Chef) catered, and it was held in this beauuutiful loft apartment in the Meatpacking District. it was a lot of fun.

(for more information about the event and the full list of speakers, please see today’s entry at PX This.)


“u are the baddest chick in NY…” :)


okay so apparently, with all the renewed attention being paid to PX This – The Revised Edition— what with The Daily News, and, and Perez Hilton, and dlisted, and, and Australia’s The Morning Show, and the upcoming appearance on CBS’s The Insider and whatnot—- it seems some people have come to realize The Revised Edition (unlike the original version of the book), aside from its snazzy new cover and funky slick square shape, actually has photographs inside as well.

and true, the two separate books pretty much do cost the same, so i guess that’s not a very good excuse for depriving the early purchaser’s of the original version (thank you!) of the lovely visual eye-candy afforded within The Revised Edition only. fair enough!

so yah. here’s all the photos contained in PX This -The Revised Edition. Thank you for your interest.