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dress: Geld Iaz, 1998 | jeans: Gap, 2005 | coat: LGB / If Six Was Nine, 2005 | shoes: Dior, 2005 | cover-up (under coat): Initial [Hong Kong], 2009 | hat: vintage authentic Russian air force (flea market), 2007


you know those weirdos who persistently mistake kindness for weakness and only become nice when you start to treat them like shit in return?

no? it’s a difficult concept to grasp, i know. but, give it a try on one of those inexplicable perennial assholes in your life, what have you got to lose. works like a charm every time, believe that.


come fly with me

sweater coat: Rick Owens, 2007 | top: Geld Iaz, 2004 | pants: Geld Iaz, 1999 | boots: All Saints, 2010 | eyewear: Yves St Laurent, 2008 | bag: Celine, 2011


lunch at Gemma. errands in midtown. early drinks at Nobu 57 (sorry but contrary to his own belief, that filipino bartender makes the shittiest margarita. nice guy, though). light dinner at A Voce – Time Warner.



jacket: Julius 7, 2008 | top: Geld Iaz, 2004 | pants: Calvin Klein (altered), 2010 | boots: Sportmax Max Mara, 2010 | eyewear: Chanel, 2005


… in my whole en-tire life i-can

see these people’s ears perk-up

as i be-gin to

spazz with the pen


12 | 21

trench coat: Donna Karan, 1997 | rain boots: Jeffrey Campbell, 2011


okay. so as several people have pointed out, it’s actually as of this day we have exactly one year left to live. yesterday we had 366 days.

whatever makes you feel better, bitches.


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