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  1. Is it today? Your special day? :)

    I am sending you sweet wishes wrapped in all my love! Even though we are miles away, it is good to know that you are always there!

    Wishing you the Best Birthday Ever! Have fun!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    1. awww Eveline, thank you so much! :)

      and what about you, have you celebrated your special day yet, my dear fellow Scorpio? i send the same to you. may you forever be infectiously happy, passionate, and inspirational.

      Happy birthday, Muse! :)

      1. I’ve celebrated before you (oct/28).

        “bitches aint nuthin but primps and clothes.” Also diamonds. :)
        I believe the treasure and one Scorpio is a good combination. We went to the Diamond Fund in Kremlin. It was nice Gems Day.

        (For the !first! time in my life I got into our Diamond Fund. Then I thought, is there something like that in NY to spending your birthday there too?)

  2. If you have celebrated yesterday or may be day before, please accept my congratulations anyway!

  3. Are you acquainted with the one of meaning of the word ‘connect’ – telepathy? Young Buddhists use the word in this sense (Those that I knew they showed me the real miracles of Connect. That is true.)

    When I look at these jeans, I realize that we had Сonnect. :)
    Birthdays… The sheen in NY… The gems in Moscow… ))) Good!

    1. My muse wore gems in Moscow for her birthday? I wish I could see some pictures of that. :)

      I just finished reading about “connect,” but that is not the word the author used. I used to believe in such things a little, but now I believe more and more.

  4. By the way, I’m surprised that you have Michael Kors. 0_0
    I do not have any of his stuff (only rose gold watches) and never will. I think that he is big deceiver. Very poorly sewn clothes, his bags too… Michael Kors and Max Azria, they do not exist for me. Which brand does not exist for you?

    Hmmm… Do you think it’s time to shine again? As at the beginning of 2000s? After all, everything returns.

    1. Funny, I don’t like Michael Kors at all. I think I even wrote in my first book about the time he stole one of my dress ideas in late 90’s or ’00. I saw him while I was wearing one of my favorites, the fabric was special because it was a mistake. The colors did not bleed properly so it looked as if it was hand-dyed but really it was a messed up pattern. So beautiful, the Japanese call these mistakes wabi-sabi. Irreplaceable, impossible to recreate.

      Well Michael Kors tried anyway. The very next season a dye job of leaking colors on a white dress. The dress was a sore thumb in the collection, did not fit the other styles, did not fit HIS style at all.

      I saw him a few times after that, always craning his neck to see my clothes but never so much as a smile or nod. Then when he went on a TV show to judge designers, I hate how smug and stupid he was.

      But I saw these jeans in a window and wanted them right away. They are not him, I tell people who compliment them and no fashionista can believe they are MK. Maybe he stole this idea too.

      Otherwise, I did find two pairs of MK glasses I also bought. Exactly what I was searching for, and not expensive. On one pair I removed the tinted sunglass and replaced with my clear eyeglass. Always I get compliments on them (have not blogged them yet), but I think people like them because they are like Gucci without the intimidation. Diluted Gucci for boring people.

      1. Abbe, I have not read your book yet. Judging by the reviews, there is a lot of humor. I’m going to do literary translation. I must to first learn English better! (But I read one good book about japanese wabi-sabi.)

        I’m sure it was. MK saw you in wabi-sabi dress and copied. When I was 21, I invented and sewed long wool a-line coat with fur hood. I made a sensation in the city streets! The following year, dozens of girls strolled in the same coats.

        You can post a photo of that wabi-sabi dress, and next photo of the dress from MK show. MK is not a designer, but first and foremost a good businessman, monger. Same as Armani. But Armani is honest, and MK do the profit from the ignorance of inversed people.

        Blessing in disguise: his glasses and watches. :)

  5. Funny, never thought much of Max Azria, but I found a big sale last year and I ended up with two tops and two hats. I like the hats very much, and the two tops are okay but people say they love them.

    The tops were too boring for me so I cut them and made them imperfect and they are much better now.

    For me Mango and Top Shop and Theory are really trash. As for bigger designers, Narciso Rodriguez and Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein does not design anymore anyway, when he actually worked I was too young to see if it has always been shit or not. Diluted Halston.

  6. “Hmmm… Do you think it’s time to shine again?”

    So funny, was thinking about this just the other day! I hope so, but everything is so different now. Here in NY, even if you shine there is no place to go. One very good party every five years.

    I was telling my husband I can’t wait to turn 50 so then I can be “eccentric.” Dress very artsy every day and every place I go, and people will just accept it because I am an old woman.

  7. Oh Eveline, I think if you read my book you would have no trouble with the English. I curse too much though, my mom told me so. So that is embarrassing, you have not yet heard me cursing, maybe you would be surprised what a potty mouth I really am.

    I can send you PDF files. Do you have a Kindle or other way to read PDF? Reading PDF on a computer screen can be too much (mine are 400+ pages!). I would love to send them to you, but I do think it would suck to read a whole book on a computer.

    1. I have no Kindle. I have a MacBook Retina, Air and iPad. I read all books on computer – there are supporting translation software.

      I think to hire a person for private English lessons. This thought came to me just when I tried to read fragments of your book in Google. I do not understand spoken English.

      Before I met you I was indifferent to the English. To act, need to be immersed in the myth. “Myth” is “the mode of action of the heroes”. Now you are hero and create myth – around English, around NY. As well as how Carlos Castaneda created a myth around Mexico and UCLA. (And I became a philosopher-anthropologist, as he did.) :)

      1. Eveline, I am very very impressed with your English. Do you speak any other languages?

        I understand what you mean about spoken English. I cannot follow spoken French, Italian, or Spanish, but if I read it slowly I can manage to understand enough.

        I love languages, I wish I were better at it.

      2. At school age, my mother and I lived in Germany. I have not studied the German language on purpose, but I could understand my German friends. Then in 15-16 years I started to learn French, I had a dream to go to Paris and become a fashion model (my height is 180). Then I studied Spanish. My mother worked in Mexico and I’m going to go out there and go to university, I thought I could meet there Castaneda.

        Now without the need to I had forgotten everything. :)

        One of my friends lived in Italy, she told me that she have learned for the beginning the following sentence: “I’m not stupid, I just do not understand the humor in Italian.”

        Abbe, I’m not stupid. :) I understand the information, but if the speaker has emotions, I do not understand the tone, do not feel the shades of emotion. But still I have noticed you are full of humaneness and profound intelligence and refinement.

  8. Where is your long a-line coat with fur hood? Now you have to send me a photo of that too.

    When I had a store in SoHo, everyone would take pictures (this was long before phones had cameras)– one Korean couple was so bold, they came into my store and took pictures of a dozen dresses before I screamed at them to GET OUT! The next season I saw cheap copies of my styles in so many places.

    I will try to find my old dress and MK’s dress too…

  9. “I curse too much though, my mom told me so. So that is embarrassing, you have not yet heard me cursing, maybe you would be surprised what a potty mouth I really am.”

    I guess I could write a whole psychoanalytic book just based on this phrase. :) But I will say briefly. It’s OK! Foul language is the language of the Mother as an archetype. Going deep into metaphysics, curses – it’s your birthright as a woman!

  10. Hi Eveline!
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, some crazy stuff going on right now. Ha ha ha do you remember that troll you told to “fuck off”? Well it turns out that is a person who works for the New York Times. So you can only imagine the ridiculousness.

    Anyway, if you think I am full of “humaneness and profound intelligence and refinement,” that is only because I am a mirror. :)

    No more than that. Unfortunately, sometimes people want to break this mirror, because they do not like looking at their own ugly faces. Too bad they do not realize that this mirror is made of cast iron and also it’s magic.

    You are so interesting and amazing, Eveline. I am so happy that you are so worldly, spreading your aura and philosophy everywhere.

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