you are here.

technically, “you” are actually in way more places than this. PX This: The Series is now in full-swing production and omg– half the time i don’t know whether i am coming or going.

cross your fingers for me please, i can use as many as i can get. thank you!



2 thoughts on “you are here.”

  1. I read somewhere that they were still trying to cast Abbe Diaz, how about using Jada Pinkett Smith…They are almost identical and the same height & body type!!

  2. aww thanks Samantha! :)

    yes it did take us awhile to cast the character based on me. unfortunately, we can’t afford to cast somebody like Jada Pinkett Smith (yet!) but the actress who was cast is great.

    our whole cast is wonderful, we’re going to have a fantastic show :)

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